I want to clearify

I just want to clearify my last entry……. It was brought to my attention that I am unhappy with Dan……and that is the furthest thing from the truth. I am a just so unhappy with my situation and I am frustrated, these feelings have been building up for the last ten years….I HATE THEM, THEY ARE CONSTANT DEMONS! Dan has tried and continues everyday to be supportive and understanding…..He goes out of his way to make things better,……but somethings are beyond his control, He can not fix everything……eventhough he does his best trying. What I feel is within me and how I feel about my self……….It is no ones fault, this is what life has dealt me and I have to fine a place where I can except the situation and be at peace within myself. I just have not found it and it is a constant struggle……..no one can make it better for me.

I just wanted to make this clear, and it is a battle I must fight on my own. I also just want to state, this blog helps me get these frustrated feelings out, or they would EAT me up……so if I sound negative most of the time I am sorry and I am truly trying to work on this……And that is why, I go periods of time where I don’t write. It is not easy always being positive and having a smile on my face……….I would love to be that person, but I am not……I am sorry in advance. But I can make you one promise…….I am trying and working on it everyday……..I apologize to those who I have hurt and offended. Thank you for understanding!!!!!

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