Saddest Weekend…

I woke Saturday morning feeling sick to my stomach…..I been dreading this day from first learning of Jack’s death. I wanted to be strong for Dan and Pat….I hoped I could hold it together emotionally, for them. Well, I was not successful at all…..from the time I walked in the room and I saw Pat, Jack’s Daughters, Sister and the grandchildren….I was overwhelmed with emotion and the tears rolled down my face. I barely could catch my breathe to speak….exactly what I did not want to do. It killed me to watch the video of pictures and listen to the music selection (which I must say was beautifully done)….I was totally beside myself. I lost it when Pat spoke of her best friend and buddy…..and I lost it even more when Dan spoke….(he was so worried, he wanted to describe the incredible man Jack was , and how much he meant to Dan and everyone he came in contact with, Jack was like a second dad to Dan – Well Dan did a great job….Jack would have been very impressed… was everyone in the room)….Great Job. Jack’s grandchildren also got up to speak….they were amazing…..I could have never done it…..Jack would have been very proud of all them. The whole event, the memorial service and repass dinner was truly nice and well done…..Jack would have been happy and honored.

After the repass dinner we had to go to Kessler rehab Center to visit our friend Larry. Larry got Dan set up in the Horse racing business and taught him everything about the business and sold him all the horses and sold Dans horse for him. The night before we had learned that he went to have a surgery on his neck….2 hour surgery……which in short turned to be an 8 hour surgery and has a bad outcome. He may not walk again…..this news was devasting to all that know him….horses and being active was his life. We feel so bad for him… just really sucked seeing him so depressed and unable to move. Dan talked horses with him and tried to keep him positive. Dan feed him some ice cream and then we left.
Just so sad……It was an extremely sad and depressing day. Dan and I could not wait to get home, crawl into bed, go asleep and end the day.

Sunday was a little lighter, thank god. Dan and I had the Jet game to go to. We were so in need of something fun and happy. Although, the plan was to tailgate, have the sandwiches and salads we bought from Lotito’s…..that did not happen…because we got there, unpacked the truck, set up to hang out and eat, but Dan forgot to pack the food. Of course he felt terrible, I laughed……so we had some chips and ice tea…..hung out for awhile and then we went into the game. Once inside the stadium, we got some vendor food, popped a swat on the grounds and had a picnic……and people watched. We then meet up with our niece Nina and her boyfriend Alex, hung with them a little while and then went to our seats to watch the game. It was a great day for the game… course the Jets lost, but it was a great game.

Then after the game we went to Erika’s house to celebrate Bella’s Birthday……..I had been looking forward to being with everyone, it has been so long. It was great seeing everyone…..we had dinner and birthday cake. The girls have gotten so big and mature and the twins were absolutely adorable. I love my nieces and nephew so much… was so nice seeing my sisters.

Finally, the weekend has come to end……I can honestly say ……I am physically and emotionally trained. The good thing….I do not have to make lunch for the next day…….I have Lotitio’s sandwiches …….I am a happy camper. I can get undressed and crawl into bed…….yes!!!!!!

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