Dan’s mom

Well it seems Dan cannot get a break,,,,,,,he finally gets me back to some form a normal after all my problems last week, and then on Saturday we get a call from Dans mothers neighbor saying that she was brought to the hospital. After calling the hospital we rush down there to find she is in bad shape….problems with colon, pancreatic, irregular heartbeat……but most of all in stage five kidney failure.
Dan was beside himself and so upset he was never called…….and what he was to find out later was even more upsetting. The home aid helping his mom, was taking furniture, her belongings, sold her car……real bad scenario……she took Dan off having any decisions for her health…..real mess and cannot go into detail…..he was so hurt, it kills me…..but being the wonderful son and person he is……..he has been by his mothers side and has arranged for her care in her remaining time on earth. He is so good to her…..even though she has not been so nice to him in the last couple months ….he keeps saying she is my mother. And she has apologized for all the bad she has done 5 times a day the past few days which I am thankful for……..but I know this whole chain of events has him hurt and he is sad inside……..I know that nothing I say is going to make him feel better……I am amazed at the man he is and the good son he is…..after being hurt so bad.
We are just waiting for her to peacefully go…he is taking her home ….having hospice come in so she can die at home….not in the hospitaL as she wished. It is sad but at least Dan is meeting and following thru with her wishes… She told him “I WANT TO FADE AWAY…..I A’M TIRED AND JUST WANT TO GO!” They say any time now but who knows?

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