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Busy, Busy Week

This week has been a very, very busy week, but truly a week filled of happy times spent with my parents, I have really enjoyed every minute with them and realize how much I miss and love them.

Saturday- they arrived about 5:30 to my house, so we decided to take them out
to eat. We took them to Nagoya, we introduced them to Steve and
Sandy…..They were so excited to meet parents…..and made the a
true Chinese dinner….which was absolutely delious… parents
want to take him back home with them….since Chinese food in New
Mexico sucks!!!! We had a great time….My Mother actually tried Sushi
and liked it. Came home and hung out for a while….watched TV and
went to bed……after a very long trip.

Sunday – Woke up and made everyone breakfast… was nice to sit around
and talk. Everyone got ready to get the day started…..Dan and I ran
some errands, while mommy and daddy went to go see Kathleen and
Marcos and the kids……They spent a few hours and came back to my
house. I made a nice dinner,… least I tried…..except the potatoes
became a diaster…..but all was good…..we laughed and talked all night,
just hung out, watched TV and had great conversation.

Monday – We got up and had breakfast all together, and then Dan left for work.
got to hang with my parent, then they drove me to the office, which
was helpful for Dan….He did not have to run back and twice. My
parents came into the office and met everyone and saw the place. They
had things to do…..get a belt for truck,etc…… they meet us home for
dinner,,,,,we took them to Roxanne’s for a nice Italian dinner….Had a
great time and then we went for dessert at Baskin Robbins…….(of
course I was dieing in pain,,,,,,but I tried to keep a smile on my face…..
I was determined to make sure they never knew the pain….I truly
just wanted to die…….but I got thru it…..just wish the sugar lows would
have stopped…….at least they were not to serious, where I lost memory
and time.

The rest of the remaining days spent by me were nice……Having breakfast every morning with my parents, them driving me to the office……Having nice a nice lunch just me and my parents at Chilpote’s……going to Lottios Bakery……going to some stores…..Having dinners, some home cooked or out, especially Valentine’s Day (all 4 of us went to Nagoya for a great Dinner, such a spread of food… parents got to experience Steve’s Deep fried cheese cake – they loved it).

Then their time with me was up and my parents went to my sister Kathleen’s where they spent a week….helping Kathleen and spending quality time with Olivia and Marcos…..which was so special and meaningful for them). They also spent time with Erika and the girls….they were amazed at how grown up Maya and Bella were.

Then like all good things…..they had to head home. It was very emotional for me….Dan and I drove down to Kathleen’s so we could say good-bye. Of course I cried, but I was happy to know they had a good trip and enjoyed themselves…..that was the most important thing. Then the worrying began, making sure my parents trip was safe…….which with some delay to weather, they finally got home……and this trip was a big success…..and I was so happy.

On that note, another major success was Dan’s fathers 90th Birthday. Dan and I took his parents to the Borgota for his father’s 90th Birthday. We spent the day at the Borgota, Dan’s father got to play Craps and won about $600 dollars, his mother played the slots and won about $400, Dan played slots with his Dad and won about $300, and I -well as usual not as lucky……just managed to break even.
We took them to Dinner at the Metropolitan Cafe…..they had 2 gin and tonics each and a nice dinner, we had Cake brought out and we song happy birthday…..all in all it was a nice day. It made me very happy to see Dan’s smiling face……knowing he gave his Dad a memorable day. The nice thing was he had two cakes….because the day of his actual birthday (the next day after the Borgota event he had my cake I baked him)….which they enjoyed.

I know that I probably missed some things….due to sugar lows in the time frame of everything……but all turned out to be good for everyone. Dan and I are so happy that we made our parents so happy……some things are just priceless and this time was all worth it. Very happy and feeling like I have accomplished something in my like for a change.


This weekend was a very busy weekend…….spent most of the weekend shopping for things for the new office….it was fun spending the time with Dan picking out things to decorate ( what love about our relationship…we always have a good time together/we just always have fun-every moment spent together is special and fun)……I love seeing Dan doing what he loves to do and what he is so good at doing. I know he is so stressed…..and just wants to get it opened and up and running. I will be happy when we are moved in….and all the major stress he has will be a little less, but then again, I don’t think that will ever happen…..he always internally stresses,,,,,,,,I guess that makes him good at what he does,,,,,,Gotta love him.

We did do something fun…..we went to a St. Patick’s church dinner party as guest of Chuck and Donna. It was such a nice time…….We got to see people we have not seen in a long time……It was so nice, catching up with friends. We even won a gift basket from Massage Envy……(of course Dan won it…..all the tickets I put in won nothing….just my usual luck…..none at all). We had to leave earlier than I would have liked, but I felt so sick to my stomach……I was trying so hard not to toss my cookies,,,,,,,and between my head and stomach killing me……it just put a damper on the evening…….but it was just great to see my dear friends Chuck and Donna……I am very greatful. So I came home and went straight to bed.

I woke on Sunday, still feeling under the weather…..but we ran some errands and did more preparing of the new office. I made a nice dinner for Dan and I, made the meals for Mondays lunch. Finished doing my usual chores and finally, sat down and watched some TV……..still feeling like shit, just decided to end the day and went to bed.

Monday Madness

Woke up real early……..feel like shit. I did not sleep well, tossed and turned, my head and stomach are just killing me. I made Dan breakfast and ate with him… he would not be alone……..(I know I am a good wife, not many would get up, when they do not have, make a meal, clean up afterwards and start the day). I am totally struggling with getting thru the day, I feel sick to my stomach and so scattered…….truly a bad, bad day.

Weekend just flew by

Sorry for not writting again…..was not feeling so great, so I will bring you update:

Was just horrible day weather wise……It snowed all day was cold, very cold and wet, then freezing cold, snowy and icey. All though it was picture perfect outside……white and pretty… was miserable and ugly. I cleaned the house, awaiting the arrival of my parents…..I decided to bake cookies (the perfect day for it)….I made my dad’s favorite….Oatmeal chocolate chip, Dan’s favorite
peanut buttter chocolate chip….They came out very good if I don’t say so myself. Enjoyed staying in with Dan…..just relaxing and lounging with my best friend….we took a mid day nap……It was so nice.

My parents finally got here about 4:30. I was so happy to see them…..I had a smile from ear to ear……It felt so good to hug them. I got them all situated in their room, and Dan and I took them to Nagoya for dinner. Steve and Sandy, welcomed my parents, Steve made them special Chinese food…..special appetizers and desserts….Just made them feel so welcomed and special… parents just had a wonderful time. We went back to the house and hung around catching up and watching TV…… parents were exhausted after driving 10 hours a day for the last 3 days……so they turned in about 11:00…….I amhappy and at peace knowing they are here and safe…..Looking forward to good nights sleep.

Sunday –
Made a big breakfast for everyone……hung around the table talking and laughing. Cleaned up and showered to get on with the day. Dan had to set up an Open House for our clients in Ramsey…..and my parents got ready to go see Kathleen, Marcos and the twins Marcos and Olivia…..for a couple hours…..before our dinner reservations in Allendale……celebrating their Anniversary – 49 years of Marriage. We went to Mezza Lunas……It was a great time and good food….my mother got her Lobster…she had Lobster Ravolis and my Dad had his Eggplant Parmasian….he loves that. It was a real nice time. Came back, watched the Grammy’s with my Mother , while Dan and my dad were on their computers.

Here comes the snow……

Well it is Thursday…….and yes the snow is coming. It is not going to be pretty….my phone is going off like crazy with blizzard warning alerts…just wonderful. Now I have to worry about my parents getting here safely……they are behind, they have hit bad weather and the traffic is horrible……I will not rest till they get to my house.

I spent the morning changing the bed linens and towels, getting their room ready……..I am looking forward to seeing them……I miss them so much.

Today, we went to get a Koi fish for Steve at Nagoya……to replace me…..I died – (Steve was so upset… we got him a new Kris…..that was an adventure……It is not the season to find places fully stocked or with a large selection). But we found a pretty one…..We had to travel to New York.

I can not wait for the day to end……I just feel miserable, so tired and sick to my stomach, I just hope I am not getting sick…..that is all I need to catch the bug that is going around. Thank God I did food shopping last night…..It would be absolutely horrible there…….especially just before a storm. Anyway, the day has flown by……going home and want to go to bed two hours ago.

Superbowl Weekend

The big Superbowl weekend….. came and went………It was a good game, very exciting. The commercials were okay, I loved the Wrangler- Jeep, and Horse one. The entertainment was very touching, especially with the children from Sandy Hook, yes I must say I was sobbing like a baby. Half time was a great performance…..Dan loves Beyonce. The part of the Super bowl that was spending the time with my best friend, having our Healthy Turkey Tacos, chicken cubes, and cheese (not exaclty as exciting as the true/traditional finger foods and snacks)….which made me sick to my stomach…….I just don’t get it. Anyway we had fun……now it is back to being strick on my diet……I want to lose at least 15-20 lbs…..and have one mean/kick ass body by the summer.

I started today…..not bad (no cravings), the first 1-2 days are usually the hardest…but so far so good…….I am determined and I will do this.

I am so tired, I am so done

I am tired and just so done. I have to make a change and make things right. I cannot deal with the guilt I have everyday deep within me, the unhappiness and stress I cause the one person who means the world to me. It is not fair to that person, so I have to make things right and try to make it better…..I just have to figure out how to make it easier and better.
I am sorry that I complain how unhappy I am…….but no one knows what I am feeling unless they have walked a day in my shoes…….believe me, I would never wish it on my worst enemy. I try to keep these feelings inside but then I am told I am quiet and not talking,,,,I hear what is wrong? Are you mad? Yeah, I am pissed off, who would wants to live like this, the alternative really does look good. It is not that I am not grateful…..but it is old, and it is never going to get better, and the resentment is just going to grow. Believe me, I am making a vow… make things right if it is last thing I do. I want everyone to understand I am tired and done……I am not being selfish….I just want to do something right for once….for me.

catch up – missed a day

Sorry I missed a day, but I just was not feeling well and had nothing good to say. Just the same old crap……I just did not want to be negative and complain……so I decided to follow the old saying “If you do not have anything nice or good to say, don’t say anything at all”……so consider it done.