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Great time – minus speed bump

Woke on Monday to another beautiful day in the island… we decided to go into Phillipsburg to go shopping….and look around, everything was just great…..went to have lunch by the beach,,,,Dan and I were eating, having a great time, enjoying our lunch and listening to the music, when the speed bump came into play. As Dan was eating his sandwich he cracked his tooth and it broke off into pieces….He was in so much pain, I thought he was going to cry. So we rushed back to the resort and asked our friend at the front desk if she could recommend a dentist/get us an appointment (everyone was telling us not to go to dutch side) of course we got an appointment for Tuesday morning and on the dutch side (little scary).
Tuesday – morning got up early to see Dentist and we were quite surprised……the place was very nice, new and clean…..Two lady dentist,,,, very nice….. she took x-ray, he cracked is wisdom tooth and it had to be pulled, she said it would take ten minutes and she be done….2 1/2 hours later,,,,,she finally got done and then the power went out on the island,..very scary. Dan is in alot pain, but luckly already on pain killers for his neck…..he is a real sport and trooper,,,and he is smiling on the outside….I love this man, he amazes me….Hopefully tomorrow will be better and things will get better….as for me, feeling really shitty, sugars are all over, thank god no seizures, could not handle that right now….just thankful Dan was able to get thru today…..and the dentist was able to see him. Otherwise, we are having a great time minus our speed bump. Never a dull moment,,,,,Have to go back to have stitches out on Monday.

Finally, Here

It has been a stressful time to get here……I’ll back track and this will explain why I have not posted lately.  Well it started with me having a real bad seizure before I left, which when Dan tried to help me,  he hurt his neck…..real bad, disc in his neck and bone spurrs, not good,,,,,litereally crying in pain.  He actually went to doctors, on pain killers, steriods, inflamatory medicine, MRI and so forth….long healing time ahead of him with physically therapy, if that does not help….possible surgery…..I am so beside myself and feel awful,,,,he is in so much pain because of me….I am a terrible wife, he does not deserve this. 

I did not want to go away…..because of all the pain he was in.  But he said, it is better to be in pain where it is warm and beautiful.  I agreed to go and hopefully the rest will help him some.  Well we are here and it is beautiful……the weather is absolutely great and it was the best thing we did……that is, still going away.  Although Dan is still in pain, the water and the atmosphere is helping……he has actually  slept and smiled.  I think the drugs are taking over ( I feel so bad) and then it is where we are staying……the people at the resort are great and so friendly….like family and then there is our room, yes……Dan has done it again, we are staying in the penthouse, where no one has stayed yet, first to have the room….the TV were  not even plugged in yet.  The views, are spectacular,,,,,ocean views and then marina views…..roof top dinning via spiral staircase , there is kitchen area w/granite counter and grilling area and our own pool, crazy and insane- all roof top hard to top this. (continue tomorrow)

Starting to get excited

Exactly 5 days and I will be off to the islands and will be so happy. Just can’t wait to leave….I have been so busy- sorry I have not written.
Well, Dan’s dad is finally home and is coming along slowly….but doing good considering the man is going to be 88 years old….I am still trying to pack, I hate packing- I never know what to bring and then wind up bring too much……But I will gone for 16 days…I like to have a variety. ( I made a promise to my-self not to bring alot…never where it all, hopefully this year I will keep to the plan).
I have been trying to nurse Dan back, I feel awful for him, he is in alot of pain – he hurt is neck – got a pinched nerve and is in extreme pain – yes it is my fault – he hurt himself when helping me thru a bad seizure…..I am just beside myself, He has been taking steriods to reduce swelling, pain pills, going to chriroprater,,,,,nothing is helping. He is just laying in bed not to put pressure on his neck or back…..I hope the steriods help….It would really suck for him – if he has to travel in this pain……I am so sorry Dan for being such a pain in the neck (no pun intended).
Ran some errands, going to make dinner and hopefully finish packing….I know I have time but the way my life is….something always comes up and I will running around like a mad man – nothing unusal but it would be nice to start my vacation less stressed…about luggage, clothes, etc…..Keep you posted.

Still waiting

Well, it is Sunday morning and we are still waiting for Dan’s Dad to come home…..the poor man is miserable, he feels good and just wants to go home…..but the doctors are not around to sign him out…..which I find to be a crock of sh*&!!!! They see $$ an opportunity to make it, especially because it is the weekend…..we just want to get him home before he catches something.
It is absolutely beautiful out…perfect fall day…..and the extra hour sleep was definitely appreciated this morning…..I had a rough night with a bad sugar low….not extremely bad,,,,,don’t remember certain things of last night…like the end of the movie…going to bed, etc…..just know that I ached big time when I woke this morning…..just seems to take a bigger toll on me, I have not been bouncing back, and if I do it is taking a lot longer.
At least I did not cause any harm to Dan’s pre-existing neck and shoulder pain…..that is one good thing.
Plan on getting some clothes sorted and some packing done (at least attempt) for vacation….exactly 10 more days and Dan and I will be laying by the pool, beach, drinking pina coladas or some fruity drink….relaxing…..yes I can not wait. I am so excited…….Just me and the love of my life.,….living life up!!!!!!! NICE – I LOVE YOU BABY

Spoke to soon

Well, just when everything was going good and Dan’s dad was getting ready to go home……the phone rings.  It is his mom all upset, the doctor saw Dan’s dad, and is not going to release him, his heart beat was irregular….beating way to fast, the doctor wants to check him out and keep an eye on him (more money -$$), maybe the man got excited he was going home and getting the hell out of there.  But anyway, we spoke to soon…….now we have to  wait for another day or so  before the man go home….at least they are feeding him.  Life sucks…..besides all this I had a real bad night (which you could probably  tell by my grammar in last nights blog),,,,whereupon, Dan hurt his neck taking care of me….off to the chiroprator…….We are all messed up.

Day from Hell

Yes the last 2 days from Hell, starting with Tuesday evening. Dan gets a call from his mother, Dan’s dad is not feeling good, weak, bleeding from his butt,  we call his doctor and says to get him to the hospital right away. So now we have to get his dad  to go to the hospital, orchestra the neighbors to drive his mom/follow the ambulance. Spent all night with mom on the phone and doctors. So now Wednesday morning first thing, Dan and I  headed down south to the hospital, and spent the whole day there, waiting for the father to be tested….which never happen….the doctors never saw him…..not that he could have bleed to death…they really suck…they have an old man/no where to go, on medicare/milk the system for a bill, schedule the testing for Thursday, so much for rush the father to emergency room, get everyone upset and in turmoil….Well, sat with the Dad, got him to relax…..Drove mom home from the hospital……Got her situated home for the evening……And drove home with no answers…. Sometimes I think the medical system really sucks…..they have no compassion. Well, it is now Thursday….at 5:30 pm…..48 plus hours later…we finally find out, the father had 2 growths, one which had been lacerated and needed to be removed and biopsied and now have to wait for the results on that…..but nothing that was so life-threatening…….for now. At least the
Dad will be able to go home tomorrow, he is happy…..just very hungry and tired. Dan feels better knowing that that his his Dad is in better conditiion and will be able to go home tomorrow.

Start to a new week – wild weekend

New week – after a wild Halloween Weekend. Recap to the weekend…Saturday was very busy – had to run around get last minute things for our costumes for the Ramapo Recreation center Halloween Party. Dan was dressed as a Pip Daddy and I went as his Ho. Dan looked great with a White long robelike jacket white leopard fur, purple pants, open black shirt with chess hair showing and lots of gold chains and rings and jewelry, big 2 carat pierced earings, big pip hat with feathers coming out the side, long dreads for hair, and best of all gold metallic 4 inch platform shoes making him 6’9….he looked so awesome was definitely a hit. I forgot he also had a pip cane with a huge diamond stone on top…..he was great and played the part very well, he definitely milked it. I wore a red fur mini skirt, leopard skin and pink lace bra under a leather biker jacket open of course, white fish-net thi high stockings and 8 inch dancer plat form shoes that had red condoms in the heals of shoes, long false eyelashes,,,,,hard core make-up and long hair extensions…..quite trampy if I do say myself……It was a blast and so much fun…….party started at 8 and lasted to 1:00pm. We danced and drank, laughed with all our good friends (chuck and Donna – Rabbi and nun, Sal and Donna – Pirate and a good witch, Larry and Gail = Mario and Sexy cat, Susie – Gypsy, Jane and Tom – Blues brother and Wednesday from the Adams family, Joanne – cub scout, the Schreibers were sport players… and so many others…….It was just a great time and everyone brought appetizers from cheese and crakers, sushi, cookies, chicken fingers, sandwich wraps etc…Our tables had so much food and liquor….unbelieveable….party animals.) Then Sunday we all got together and went to the Steak House all dressed in costume to watch the Jet came….(I must say it is hard being a Ho……not easy do the whole get up and walking in such high heels…go workout though for the legs, unfortunately bad for back and feet…..still hurting.LOL)….after game stop by some friends to show them our outfit and then headed home to collapse,….to exhausted to complain or feel how terrible I felt…..did not want to be the party pooper….had a few sugar low in between, but manage to catch them before they got out of control……..and unfortunately paying the price today. But I would do it all again – (prefer the health conditions to be better – but all in all it was a wild weekend and a great time……with good friend and with the best pip in town——MY PIP DADDY DAN……
Had do a quick food shop after dinner and getting things ready for tomorrow… get a new bed….Tempra-Pedic Memory foam Bed, can’t wait to sleep on it……bye -bye fire bed. Well I need to check sugar again…..just got areal bad pain in my head and feel very hot, but have chills and my lips are tingling all of a suden…..better go….talk to you tomorrow……..