Monthly Archives: September 2010

Wow! Time Flys

Today is Laurens 21st birthday…….Dan is so proud of both his daughters. Its so nice to see how much he loves them. He and I were very worried this week when Jenny had to have her apendex removed in an emergency surgery….But thank god it went nice and smooth and she was at the nail shop the next day after leaving the hospital getting her nails done….Nice to be young and recoupe fast! The night that Jenny got sick I had a sugar low that turned into a seizure, when I woke up in the morning he told me what was going on with Jenny. I don’t know how he keeps it all together? We are going out to dinner for Laurens birthday this week and see the puppy and see how Jenny is doing after her hospital experience.

In A Funk

Dan is trying his best to get me out of this funk……He is working so hard at real estate, and all the other ventures he owns so we can get caught up and be able to go away on vaction  with piece of mind. He booked our  yearly St Maarten trip today to put a smile on my face. He know that is about the only thing that would do it. I can hardly wait!. I’m worried about Dan not getting sleep with my night health problems and all the projects he is taking on. He really needs a vaction just to do nothing.

Well I Got Out For A Bit

Dan and I got to go to the new stadium and see our new seats. We will only go to 1 game and we will sell the rest of our tickets……Its tough to go to football games on sundays when your in real estate and Dan does open houses on Sundays.

Just Not In Good Spirts Or Health

I haven’t been feeling that well and just couldn’t find the brain power to sit down and write anything in last few weeks…..I’ll pull it together soon and get back to writing daily…I promise! Summers gone and pool is closed 🙁 It seems that the older you get the faster time flys. Well We are getting ready to go to check out our seats at the new JETS stadium. Hope getting out will cheer me up a bit.