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Nothing Good

Things just seem to be getting worse, now Dan has no insurance…..he gave it up – so we could pay for the medical supplies.   It is getting to the point that trying to have a positive attitude is getting harder and harder.  I look into Dans eyes and all I see is stress and  worry, I am so afraid that he is just going to explode.  Well the day is crappy weather wise, and as for me and how I feel, don’t bother , I am ready for the day to be done and it just started.  Just so worried  what we are going to do.

I am sitting here, and all I want to do is cry……I am so scared and worried about everything, but most of all Dan.   He is trying so hard to keep things together, but I think we are at the end.  It kills me to see the saddness in his eyes.  I think of all we have been through together, probably more bad things in the last 10 years together, then most experience in a life time, but there is only so much one can take.  And I think we are at our end…….there is nothing left.  Dan I am so sorry for all this.

I told Dan not to read my blog anymore, because I do not want to upset him…….so hopefully he listens to me for once,  I do not want him to feel any worse than he already does.  But just in case he does not listen to my request……………DAN, I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING A BURDEN TO YOU, I WISH MORE THAN  ANYTHING I WAS NORMAL AND NOT SO SICK, AND COULD MAKE THINGS EASIER……..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND TRULY THANKFULL YOU ARE MY HUSBAND.

In A Funk

Dan is trying his best to get me out of this funk……He is working so hard at real estate, and all the other ventures he owns so we can get caught up and be able to go away on vaction  with piece of mind. He booked our  yearly St Maarten trip today to put a smile on my face. He know that is about the only thing that would do it. I can hardly wait!. I’m worried about Dan not getting sleep with my night health problems and all the projects he is taking on. He really needs a vaction just to do nothing.

First Day Of Spring

Well it is definitely not as nice as the original first day. I woke up this morning, in different clothes then I went to bed in……yes I had a seizure last night. Apparently it was bad, and my angel, Dan got me into the shower and cleaned up…..I don’t remember a thing. I guess that is good and bad. I must comend Dan on his fashion sense,…he is getting better; at least this time I match and I smell good and clean. I would be so lost without him.
I am so mad, I wanted to do so much today, since yesterday was not a good day recovering from the seizure I had the night before – which I don’t remember….So I actually have lost 2 days…..I hate it!
But I am trying to get ready for today…..I feel like my head was blown off and every muscle in my body feels like an 800 lb has stomped on me. Dan is great, he says take my time/no rush…..but I already lost so much time that I don’t get back. Hopefully, the day will get better as it progress…..a new day has come and new adventures are a coming.