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Wow! Time Flys

Today is Laurens 21st birthday…….Dan is so proud of both his daughters. Its so nice to see how much he loves them. He and I were very worried this week when Jenny had to have her apendex removed in an emergency surgery….But thank god it went nice and smooth and she was at the nail shop the next day after leaving the hospital getting her nails done….Nice to be young and recoupe fast! The night that Jenny got sick I had a sugar low that turned into a seizure, when I woke up in the morning he told me what was going on with Jenny. I don’t know how he keeps it all together? We are going out to dinner for Laurens birthday this week and see the puppy and see how Jenny is doing after her hospital experience.

Back To The Drawing Board

Did not sleep good…..felt sick to my stomach.
Woke feeling real crappy. The good news is it is beautiful out, and very warm. Today I start a new game plan from the specialist, not that is going to make a difference, but I am trying to be positive and I will try anything to preserve my mind and not have so many seizures. Even if it means checking my sugar more during the day and going back on the insulin pod….(not I have the pod on my arm, I have to change it every three days – good thing it gives my arms a break from the injections….now it goes thru a port/site)….This will be a trial for a week or so…..Keeping my hopes high. Worked out and it felt good (the only thing I seem to have control of). Have lots of errands to run with Dan and then a bunch of houses to show with Dan tonite….early dinner…then rush,rush. Hopefully no surprises inbetween.

I Must Smile

Did not sleep well, (no seizures for a change, just had a terrible stomach ache and could not get comfortable no matter how I tried.) It is sunny and warm out, another hot one…pushed myself to get ready today, had alot of things to do….since tomorrow is Wednesay and nothing here gets done. Had to go with Dan on appointments to show client homes in Ridgewood and Wyckoff, and get things together for Wednesdays listing/rental appointment.
I am exhausted, I just got done making the meals for tomorrow/Dan’s parents and tried to exercise a little….bad headache and belly ache….what else is new….The specialist called have to call him tomorrow…probably wants to discuss blood test,,,and what the next group of test are going to be…always something to look forward to. I wish could go to sleep, and wake up Thursday, morning refreshed and relaxed, and with a positive outlook…(I try everyweek, to get thru Happy Hump Day with a smile, and it just never happens, I just feel sad and upset….I always come out at the end of day as Mrs. Grumpy….I hate when I feel/am that way….But who knows maybe this time it will be different…..can only hope).

Crazy…Crazy…& more Crazy

The last few days have been nothing but running all over and crazy. The other night I got a call from the doctor/specialist (the one I missed the appointment), he had an opening on Thursday morning early….I was so excited to get in, excepted the appointment, and went to bed. Well, of course nothing goes smoothly with me…..I have another bad seizure (bad,bad) lasted to about 4:30-5:00 in the morning and I had to get up by 6:00….This was not good, I forced myself to get ready, I don’t know how I did it, but I did…I just wanted to die….I felt so sick and beat up…And poor Dan he was also running on no sleep. The good thing was the doctor was very nice, took about 2 hours to speak with me,he was very honest…said he did not have the answers and never had any one with so many situations…..but he was going to help the best he could…..So of course I had to go for blood test….and more test to come…..Did I expect anything else….just the same old thing ….but I have to be fair and give him an opportunity…..I JUST WANT TO FEEL BETTER….NO PAIN, NO SEIZURES, LAPS OF MEMORY…JUST SOMEWHAT NORMAL After the appointment went for lunch and people watched a little….but we were so tired just came home and took a nap. Ate dinner and went for a small walk and went to bed for the nite….
Didn’t sleep well at all..
Woke to a great day (weather wise….did errands, got blood test….went with Dan for his meeting with partners)….still feeling like crap….pain level is a consistant 10 for the last 2 days…
Everything sucks…

First Day Of Spring

Well it is definitely not as nice as the original first day. I woke up this morning, in different clothes then I went to bed in……yes I had a seizure last night. Apparently it was bad, and my angel, Dan got me into the shower and cleaned up…..I don’t remember a thing. I guess that is good and bad. I must comend Dan on his fashion sense,…he is getting better; at least this time I match and I smell good and clean. I would be so lost without him.
I am so mad, I wanted to do so much today, since yesterday was not a good day recovering from the seizure I had the night before – which I don’t remember….So I actually have lost 2 days…..I hate it!
But I am trying to get ready for today…..I feel like my head was blown off and every muscle in my body feels like an 800 lb has stomped on me. Dan is great, he says take my time/no rush…..but I already lost so much time that I don’t get back. Hopefully, the day will get better as it progress…..a new day has come and new adventures are a coming.