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Long Day In The City

Dan and I went in to the city to meet with the insulin pump specialist and then with the endo doctor. The pump that they want me to go on is the newest and the only one on the market  that does what it does. Its as close to a mecanical pancreas as you can get today. You wear a sensor on one side of your stomach and the pump on the other side, whereupon the sensor then tells the pump every few minutes what your blood sugar is.  You can then have it warn you up to 1/2 hour before a sugar low or high – alerting you that your going to have a problem so you have a chance to fix the problem before it occurs. It senses and predicts trends in your sugar and alerts you. My insurance might pay for the pump and part of supplies but the sensor system is probably not covered. The one infuser is $50 every 2 days the other is $50 every 3 days and then you have to buy the transmitter and so on and so on; plus you have to get everything in 3 month supplies. Right now I have to check my sugar every hour so that means I get up every hour thru the night plus  it starting to effect the feeling  my fingers  – I have be doing this  for 7 years. With the sensor I would  only calibrate 2 times a day with a finger stick. Dan told the rep to see what the insurance company will pay for and what we would need to pay for, I told him to forget it.  I keep telling him, what if We could get it and it does not  work that well for me,  it would  be a waste,  and even if it does work will….Its would be an additional bill every 3 months, plus the start up bill …. Which so expensive, No way….we are having a hard time now. 

 On the way home in the car the news had on the story about the polite man who robbed the 7 eleven and was caught. He said he needed the $300 to feed his family. Then they interview a man on the street who said “I have been thinking about doing the same thing for last few months,” he said he must have thought about it over 200 times. He went on to say he has cancer and can’t support his family anymore and if he did the robbery and then got caught, he would give the money to his family so they could buy what they needed and when he was caught, the prison system would pay for his cancer treatment. I looked over at Dan and he said ” Want to stop on the way home for a SLURPEE?” He has a way of making me laugh even when I don’t want to.

 I’m worried about him he really doesn’t want to talk with anyone, see anyone, he is never quite and now he is. When we have dinner at night he is usually a chatter box,  but of late he just tells me the meal taste great and thanks me for it, and thats about it. I feel like I am putting so much pressure on him and I’m starting to see it ware on him.  When things got tough,  I use to tell him, I would be happy living in a card box as long as I was with him, and it always made him smile, now I don’t get that smile, he just turns and walks away and says don’t worry I figure it out you don’t need the stress.  It is killing me to see him like this,  I miss the old him and us that could laugh  at everything ……I just wish I was not the cause of his stress and could help or just make him smile….I want my old Dan…….And want him to know – I love him so much and know how much he wants to do the best for me……I keep telling him, I don’t need anything – all I need is him.

Wow! Time Flys

Today is Laurens 21st birthday…….Dan is so proud of both his daughters. Its so nice to see how much he loves them. He and I were very worried this week when Jenny had to have her apendex removed in an emergency surgery….But thank god it went nice and smooth and she was at the nail shop the next day after leaving the hospital getting her nails done….Nice to be young and recoupe fast! The night that Jenny got sick I had a sugar low that turned into a seizure, when I woke up in the morning he told me what was going on with Jenny. I don’t know how he keeps it all together? We are going out to dinner for Laurens birthday this week and see the puppy and see how Jenny is doing after her hospital experience.

In A Funk

Dan is trying his best to get me out of this funk……He is working so hard at real estate, and all the other ventures he owns so we can get caught up and be able to go away on vaction  with piece of mind. He booked our  yearly St Maarten trip today to put a smile on my face. He know that is about the only thing that would do it. I can hardly wait!. I’m worried about Dan not getting sleep with my night health problems and all the projects he is taking on. He really needs a vaction just to do nothing.


Well, last night was not easy…..3 lows during the night, so I am extremely tired and feeling like crap. It is beautiful out, so I am going to try to go by the pool, thank god it is not to hot, I can’t go in the pool or have my arm in the sun. I will only stay an 1 hour or so, have lunch with Dan there, socialize and go home and get showered. Taking the opportunity to get alot of little errands done in the next 2 days, since this coming week is going to be extremely busy with JETS pre-season game, getting listings ready, My sister Kathleen’s wedding, Pasta Party, etc…..busy, busy.
Had a nice dinner with Dan at the Steak House, came home and went for a walk. Still feeling crappy and uneasy…weird. I’m hoping for a good night sleep…..really need it. I am (along with Dan – that I will not have a bad seizure and hurt/ damage my arm and the tattoo – that would be a complete disaster)……I love it- it looks so good, and it will be even better when it is healed….I don’t like putting cream on it, messy and gets all over….By Monday, it should be out of the danger zone. Well, at least it gives me something to think about, a change, which hurts more my head, stomach or arm. I am such a mess, but I am alive and have people around me that I love and live for……what more can one ask for…..NOTHING AT ALL.
Yes, Dan’s horse just won, I am so happy for him,,,,,this is a good sign….Maybe tonight is going to be good.

I’m Excited!

The big day is finally here, I am so excited….I just wish I felt better….but I am not going to let my every day aches and pains stop me from getting my tattoo. I have always wanted this type and it is even more special because Dan designed it for me and it is one of a kind….And we are each getting one at the same time. I am a little nervous, but I love the work of the artist – Gary, and I love the place Shotsies in Wayne…..Just really great people.

I hope I can get through the entire night without any lows or seizures….that would be a complete disaster for both Dan and myself.

I love it……Thank you Dan for capturing what I wanted in your creation and Thanks Gary for doing a great job…..Can’t wait to it is all healed…..Love it. Actually the pain, made me forget the usual pain I have everyday….even if it was for a little time. Next is a good nights sleep and it will have been a almost perfect day…..I shouldn’t say that,….It was perfect…just being with the man I love and doing such big thing as getting inked together.

Need More Then 24 Hours Today

The last couple of nights and days have been rough for me……I can not remember the last time I had a good night sleep, without tossing, getting up, sugar lows, sweats, or even remember going to bed. I am hoping that the heat stops, and it cools down, and then I might feel better….just have been feeling really weird, different than ususal. I just can’t put my finger on it, I am hoping it is this bad heat and it goes away (back to the normal shitty feeling…this is scaring me…I don’t want to tell Dan, because he really start to worry more….I just don’t feel myself….thoughts are scattered, depressed and ache more than normal..). Dan knows something is up….decided to take this week off from visiting parents to give me a break (just wish I felt good to enjoy it – but it did help). Did alot of catching up – have alot of errands to run and matters to take care of in the next couple of days. Maybe if nice we can go for a dip in pool…..have not been there in about 2 weeks…..,just busy, busy, running around….also Dan go not go swimming and in sun because of Tattoo….He out of the danger zone now…..It looks great….He designed my next one….He is so talented….I love it,,,,,,can’t wait to go.
Just want to get a good nite sleep….no surprises….I am feeling weird again…Hot then cold…I gotta go….I think my sugar is getting off…Having a hard time putting thoughts and words together…(that was a good 10 min. try…this stinks…who knows maybe it isn’t happening, better go check…don’t want Dan to know)….nite!!!

Bad Week! Not In Good Mood

Sorry I have not been blogging,,,,,just had a bad couple of days and another bad night and morning…..Figures it is beautiful out and perfect pool weather, and I am a mess. I feel like I have been ran over several times and stabbed repeatedly in the head and stomach. This really s&@*ks….I just wanted to go to the pool. We have so many things we were suppose to do, go to a birthday party, shop, visit family and where are we going no where…..I am sitting here, having a hard enough time getting my thoughts together to blog…..but I guess the good thing is I am still here to talk about it….wonderful. I feel bad for poor Dan. He has no sleep the last few nights and is stuck with me….Well now that I vented, I think I am going to lay down, maybe I will feel a little bit better, to get outside for a bit and feel the sun on my skin. Just wanted to let everyone know I am unfortunately alive.

A Dan Day!

Very excited for Dan, he got his tattoo that he wanted and the words he lives by,…..It came out real nice “It is not the cards you’re dealt in life, it’s how you play them” (I feel special – because it has meaning to us, and the life experiences we share – Dan is a good man.) I am not feeling well at all…I have been pushing myself the last couple of days / have not said much to Dan…my head and stomach have been a consistant 9.5 in pain that just will lighten up/ making me very irritable (sugar high) which my doctor has order to change the dosage and strategy….Just want to go to bed and wake up for it to be Thursday. Going for a walk with Dan, already made my meals for tomorrow….On that note, Looking forward to Thursday morning and getting a new start……Hopefully I will feel a tiny bit better….any bit.

Good Day For Dan

I am so upset that I could not stay last night,,,,I hate my stomach. Dan went back to the council meeting and apparently stirred the pot when he got to ask the council to not take benefits ( he is so passionate about people taking advantage of somthing they don’t deserve). I am so happy things went well and he feels good about everything today….He truly deserves it, he is so passionate about this election.
We are going to put more signs out and run errands…..just hope I can keep up with him….my stomach is killing me, tried to exercise….will do the ball later….I did the ab flyer to get me motivated. Actually, I don’t know which hurts more…..my head or stomach….but either way I got alot to do, and don’t want to rain on Dan’s sunny day…..talk to you later.

Day Finally Over

Yes, the day is finally over. It rain all day which was good for me, because I was able to keep up with Dan and the errands we had to get done, like go to the bank, get the tire fixed on the truck, stop by one of Dans listings (estate sale….get it cleaned out), go to office, and go see a seller for a price reduction. Not so good for Dan, because I know he is really stressing about getting his campaign signs out, but he really needed the break too, especially after being up all night taking care of me,,,,,he needed to rest and not be putting out signs on no sleep and in the rain. Hopefully, we can get some done tomorrow, for his sake. He was exhausted, I could tell, but he never would say it…..I hate that he has to go through the things he does with me……it is just not fair, it is my problem and he has to suffer.

Well, I tried to pull my weight, he went to bed early and I put the price reduction in the computer for him, tried to help out. It is about 11:30 and I finally finished with emails, cleaning up from dinner…..wanted to work out, but it is going to have wait till tomorrow…..Hopefully, tonite will be uneventful and I (we) can get a good nite sleep and be more energetic in the morning. I can only hope.