Still plugging along

Yes, I woke this morning, still feeling like crap – nothing unusual. The only good thing is I have not had any seizures…..and only a few sugar lows….not like before; so that is a good thing. I just wish I felt a little better, just so tired and feel like I am in slow motion. But it could be worse, so I am not going to complain. And besides, it is not snowing out and today is suppose to be much warmer, which is something to be happy about.
We (really Dan) are still working on the insurance company, trying to  get all the paperwork to them, and waiting for answers, which means, I  will probably have to more blood test taken, since they are having a hard time finding the original test taken at the hospital…don’t understand……once again more poking and proding. Dan is amazing, the patience that man has, and the determination to get things done, and not to no for an answer, he is unbelieveable. Well the sooner it gets done, hopefully the quicker we get answers….so off I go…to be a pin cushion once again……Talk to you later.

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