Home sweet home

Yes, I broke out yesterday…….by the time I got meds and home, just went to bed……I am so happy to be home……I feel horrible and my sugars are still not stable…..very high, I am now taking about 25 times more of insulin with another 10-15 units of another type of insulin, combined. They/ Dan especially is worried about the damage it is doing and afraid of my body dehydrating…..but I am just so much happier feeling like shit at home…I just have to say  Dan is wonderful and loving husband…..I don’t know how I could do this without him…….I am so lucky to have him and wonderful friends who care and love us both…..Thank you,  I will be posting  more , just have a slamming headache, and wanted to let everyone – thank you again for all your love and good wishes and most of all —-I AM HOME!!!!!!

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  1. I’m glad you are home again Kris, and although I can’t truely know what it feels like to be you, I can understand your wanting to “feel like shit at home” rather than in the stupid hospital. My heart goes out for you and Dan the man….I miss you both and wish we saw more of one another. love, hugs and positive healing energy is being sent your way….always

  2. Happy to hear you both are HOME! There is nothing like your own bed no matter how bad you may feel. Keep fighting Kris !!!!

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