Breaking Out!

Whether I get approval or not, I am out of here…..I am signing myself out.  I am so upset…..I thought I was going home today, but my sugars are still all over and the doctors wanted me to go back and try original meds…….so Dan ran home got my medicine and then raced all the way back….to find out that they decided not to use the meds Dan ran home for. ….which really sucked..(the only good thing was Dan was able to shower, he got me clean clothes and he was able to get his  blood pressure meds). That is the good thing.  Going to try new dosage tonite…..and hopefully it will be okay and not cuase more problems.  I feel miserable, since my sugars being all over, causing me to be dehydrated, and them flushing liquids into system, which in turn caused 4 of my veins to blow, (I am so sore ,swollen, and black and blue)…but most of all I feel horrible for Dan, he has not slept, feels miserable/cold, and the two of us are just stressed, It is just not pretty.

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  1. Kris,
    Thinking about you and Dan so I checked for an update and got one. Only YOU know what is best whether it means staying put or coming home. Know that if you DO come home, you will have many friends willing and able to do whatever either of you need. We are here for you, do not hesitate to ask…anything. Know that hugs and prayers are coming your way from me and Remmy.

  2. Dear Kris – ditto to what JoAnn says!
    We are here for you and thinking about you often.
    Donna & Andy

  3. Kris I am sure glad Dan got that SHOWER!!! LOL… We do miss you so PLEASE hang in there! You sure have not lost your fight. We love you and absolutely are praying for you! Love Donna & Chuck

  4. Saw the car at home, not sure if it was Dan taking a shower, or you two bolted from the hospital………again..Keep up the fight, Kris, it is worth it, really…….

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