Another snow day

Woke to more snow, another 10 inches….I am done with the snow. Not feeling so good, real bad headache, the good thing, there were no seizures during the night, just a low when I first got up, which I was able to catch and correct. Not much to do today, really cold outside. Cleaned and did some computer work…..I have been tired all day and just feeling like crap. It was a lazy day, which I took advantage of, it was nice just hanging with Dan, my buddy. After dinner, felt another low coming on, but caught it again…..must be my lucky day. Just hope that this is it and I get a good nites sleep…..busy day tomorrow. I just want to say I am so greatful for my husband and our relationship…..we are the best of friends and I truly enjoy every minute I spend with him,,,,even if I don’t always say it……Love ya baby so much!!!! Good night

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