Great time – minus speed bump

Woke on Monday to another beautiful day in the island… we decided to go into Phillipsburg to go shopping….and look around, everything was just great…..went to have lunch by the beach,,,,Dan and I were eating, having a great time, enjoying our lunch and listening to the music, when the speed bump came into play. As Dan was eating his sandwich he cracked his tooth and it broke off into pieces….He was in so much pain, I thought he was going to cry. So we rushed back to the resort and asked our friend at the front desk if she could recommend a dentist/get us an appointment (everyone was telling us not to go to dutch side) of course we got an appointment for Tuesday morning and on the dutch side (little scary).
Tuesday – morning got up early to see Dentist and we were quite surprised……the place was very nice, new and clean…..Two lady dentist,,,, very nice….. she took x-ray, he cracked is wisdom tooth and it had to be pulled, she said it would take ten minutes and she be done….2 1/2 hours later,,,,,she finally got done and then the power went out on the island,..very scary. Dan is in alot pain, but luckly already on pain killers for his neck…..he is a real sport and trooper,,,and he is smiling on the outside….I love this man, he amazes me….Hopefully tomorrow will be better and things will get better….as for me, feeling really shitty, sugars are all over, thank god no seizures, could not handle that right now….just thankful Dan was able to get thru today…..and the dentist was able to see him. Otherwise, we are having a great time minus our speed bump. Never a dull moment,,,,,Have to go back to have stitches out on Monday.

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