Finally, Here

It has been a stressful time to get here……I’ll back track and this will explain why I have not posted lately.  Well it started with me having a real bad seizure before I left, which when Dan tried to help me,  he hurt his neck…..real bad, disc in his neck and bone spurrs, not good,,,,,litereally crying in pain.  He actually went to doctors, on pain killers, steriods, inflamatory medicine, MRI and so forth….long healing time ahead of him with physically therapy, if that does not help….possible surgery…..I am so beside myself and feel awful,,,,he is in so much pain because of me….I am a terrible wife, he does not deserve this. 

I did not want to go away…..because of all the pain he was in.  But he said, it is better to be in pain where it is warm and beautiful.  I agreed to go and hopefully the rest will help him some.  Well we are here and it is beautiful……the weather is absolutely great and it was the best thing we did……that is, still going away.  Although Dan is still in pain, the water and the atmosphere is helping……he has actually  slept and smiled.  I think the drugs are taking over ( I feel so bad) and then it is where we are staying……the people at the resort are great and so friendly….like family and then there is our room, yes……Dan has done it again, we are staying in the penthouse, where no one has stayed yet, first to have the room….the TV were  not even plugged in yet.  The views, are spectacular,,,,,ocean views and then marina views…..roof top dinning via spiral staircase , there is kitchen area w/granite counter and grilling area and our own pool, crazy and insane- all roof top hard to top this. (continue tomorrow)

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