Still waiting

Well, it is Sunday morning and we are still waiting for Dan’s Dad to come home…..the poor man is miserable, he feels good and just wants to go home…..but the doctors are not around to sign him out…..which I find to be a crock of sh*&!!!! They see $$ an opportunity to make it, especially because it is the weekend…..we just want to get him home before he catches something.
It is absolutely beautiful out…perfect fall day…..and the extra hour sleep was definitely appreciated this morning…..I had a rough night with a bad sugar low….not extremely bad,,,,,don’t remember certain things of last night…like the end of the movie…going to bed, etc…..just know that I ached big time when I woke this morning…..just seems to take a bigger toll on me, I have not been bouncing back, and if I do it is taking a lot longer.
At least I did not cause any harm to Dan’s pre-existing neck and shoulder pain…..that is one good thing.
Plan on getting some clothes sorted and some packing done (at least attempt) for vacation….exactly 10 more days and Dan and I will be laying by the pool, beach, drinking pina coladas or some fruity drink….relaxing…..yes I can not wait. I am so excited…….Just me and the love of my life.,….living life up!!!!!!! NICE – I LOVE YOU BABY

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