Start to a new week – wild weekend

New week – after a wild Halloween Weekend. Recap to the weekend…Saturday was very busy – had to run around get last minute things for our costumes for the Ramapo Recreation center Halloween Party. Dan was dressed as a Pip Daddy and I went as his Ho. Dan looked great with a White long robelike jacket white leopard fur, purple pants, open black shirt with chess hair showing and lots of gold chains and rings and jewelry, big 2 carat pierced earings, big pip hat with feathers coming out the side, long dreads for hair, and best of all gold metallic 4 inch platform shoes making him 6’9….he looked so awesome was definitely a hit. I forgot he also had a pip cane with a huge diamond stone on top…..he was great and played the part very well, he definitely milked it. I wore a red fur mini skirt, leopard skin and pink lace bra under a leather biker jacket open of course, white fish-net thi high stockings and 8 inch dancer plat form shoes that had red condoms in the heals of shoes, long false eyelashes,,,,,hard core make-up and long hair extensions…..quite trampy if I do say myself……It was a blast and so much fun…….party started at 8 and lasted to 1:00pm. We danced and drank, laughed with all our good friends (chuck and Donna – Rabbi and nun, Sal and Donna – Pirate and a good witch, Larry and Gail = Mario and Sexy cat, Susie – Gypsy, Jane and Tom – Blues brother and Wednesday from the Adams family, Joanne – cub scout, the Schreibers were sport players… and so many others…….It was just a great time and everyone brought appetizers from cheese and crakers, sushi, cookies, chicken fingers, sandwich wraps etc…Our tables had so much food and liquor….unbelieveable….party animals.) Then Sunday we all got together and went to the Steak House all dressed in costume to watch the Jet came….(I must say it is hard being a Ho……not easy do the whole get up and walking in such high heels…go workout though for the legs, unfortunately bad for back and feet…..still hurting.LOL)….after game stop by some friends to show them our outfit and then headed home to collapse,….to exhausted to complain or feel how terrible I felt…..did not want to be the party pooper….had a few sugar low in between, but manage to catch them before they got out of control……..and unfortunately paying the price today. But I would do it all again – (prefer the health conditions to be better – but all in all it was a wild weekend and a great time……with good friend and with the best pip in town——MY PIP DADDY DAN……
Had do a quick food shop after dinner and getting things ready for tomorrow… get a new bed….Tempra-Pedic Memory foam Bed, can’t wait to sleep on it……bye -bye fire bed. Well I need to check sugar again…..just got areal bad pain in my head and feel very hot, but have chills and my lips are tingling all of a suden…..better go….talk to you tomorrow……..

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