A real nice weekend!!!!!

To sum it up this weekend was very nice and very busy…….Dan and I were continuously running and on the go. We need another couple of days to just recover from Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, Dan and I got up early and straightened up the house……It was a big day for Dan. Jenny was bringing her boyfriend, down to meet Dan and I for the first time. Dan was all excited (also nervous, eventhough he will never admit it). They got to our house around 1:00 pm and we sat around and talked for about an hour before going to dinner. He was extremely nice guy, very polite, smart, a great personality, cute and very level headed. Dan and I both liked him, we were so pleased…..and most of all…..Jenny looked happy…..and that is all that matters (he treats her very nice) ,they make adorable couple. I am truly happy for the both of them. We had a great early dinner and excellent conversation and lots of laughs. We took them to Home Depot, helped pick tiling for his kitchen floor and pick out his (their) first Christmas tree and decorations. Dan was just busting inside with happiness….just having this experience with Jenny and her choices. It made me so happy to see Dan smile and being happy,,,,,,,it has been rough for him lately with the loss of his parents.
After they left, Dan and I had to help Steve from Nagoya……He had a problem with his Truck and needed our help. Dan made all the calls needed and got him set up to get the truck fixed. Then my sister Erika, came up by me for dinner….she wanted Sushi……and of course we went Steve’s. We had a great time….it was good to see her and just hang out……we have not been able to see much of each other, especially all that has been going on my life, and Dan’s health….and on her end the girls soccer schedules and her increased work load.

Sunday was another busy day……actually a day of shopping. Dan took me shopping to get some outfits for the holiday parties we have in the upcoming weeks……A six hour shopping spree. I got some nice outfits and cannot wait to wear them. It was also great test/therapy for him…..He went the whole time without having any panic attacks, which made him feel so happy. I am so glad he is feeling better……It is nice to have the old Dan back…… I must say I am so tired after the events of this weekend….I hope for a good nights sleep……time will tell.

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