One Year Today

Wow, I can not believe it has been one year today that Dan’s Dad has passed. I feel so bad for Dan…..I know he is hurting inside, he loved his dad so much and misses him so much. He is trying to hide his pain, but I can see right thru him, it is only normal….I know I would/and will be devasted if I lost my dad. The good thing is Dan has a lot to do today at the office with the new agents, which is a good ……It will be a distraction for him……at least a little. I also feel sad inside, I loved Dan’s dad, he always teased me and made me laugh…….I do truly miss him.

On today’s agenda, we have to go get toys for the next charity drive…..TOYS FOR TOTS……..Dan and I started off the drive for our office each year with a truck load of toys. I love doing this drive it makes me so good inside. First truck load of toys (A Hummer packed to the max) bought and delivered to office. I just have to vent, I am dying inside between my ribs and my stomach… not know which hurts more, I just want to cry. I keep repeating to myself, “Suck it up buttercup!!!!!”
It’s late, we are leaving the office…..not feeling any better, apparently Had a sugar low on the way home….just do not get it, of course Dan was very upset. I made dinner and cleaned up. After I got done, Dan and I went to the Shop Rite to get beverages to stock the beverage center in the office and to get our perscriptions filled.
Hopefully, I get a good nights sleep, have to get up very early to take Dan to get test done at hospital. Keeping my fingers crossed to getting a good nights sleep….can only hope.

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