Lots of running around to do and things to get done!!!!!

This weekend was crazy and yet very productive. Dan and I got a lot of things done.
Saturday, we slept a little later than usual, I did not sleep well the night before….I woke up in the middle of the night all sweaty and my heart was poundling ( symptom a little different for a low of 40), caught it before it got worse, drank a bottle of glucose and went back to bed……just grateful I did not wake Dan, as I stumbled into the other room…..that would have made more stress on him. So my Saturday started feeling the norm / like crap….but I was determined to get things done, a girl with a mission. I cleaned the house and did 2 loads of laundry. We went to get my fur coat…..Dan and I went to storage and got the Christmas tree and the decorations. We put up the tree, decorated the outside entry with the Christmas tree lights………we were on a roll…….then we went to Pier 1 to look for a new vase to replace the one I shattered. At Pier 1 , we found some interesting red Bamboo sticks to fill the awesome Vase Dan and I found. We found this Huge 5 ft vase which we made some alterations to……Dan made it look great….grey slate color and made it look distressed. I love it better than the original one we had. We are a great team together when it comes to taste and decorating…..very modern and comtemporary. It was a long day of running around……and we did everything we set out to do, except get the kissing balls for the office…….I told Dan they were not out yet…..But what do I know.

Sunday- woke up early…..just could not sleep the whole night…..my ribs are just killing me from my previous fall….just another pain….but who is complaining. I did my usual Sunday routine, changed sheets, put the laundry away…..get a head start on making some meals…..the usual. Dan wanted look for the kissing balls…..he was determined to find them…..he went as far as going into New York……but of course he doesn’t listen to me…….No Kissing Balls out anywhere. Oh Well!!!!!! I know we did other stuff, but I do not recall what exactly we did…….All I know is that I did have a sugar low, which just made me feel like shit for the rest of the day. Before I knew it , it was time for dinner……..so I made dinner for us, cleaned up and parked my butt on the couch, where I veggied till it was time for bed.

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