One of my bad days

I woke this morning feeling like death and truthfully just wanted to die. My head was killing me so bad I just wanted to cry, my left wrist and hand was all swollen, stiff (could barely bend my fingers or move my wrist), it hurt to breath or move… ribs and hip were killing me (like someone ran me over and crushed my bones) and at the same time, I have this continuous stabbing pain in my belly. I do not remember going to bed, so I knew this was a bad thing…..and as I slowly tried to get out of the bed and walked into the living room……I knew a lot of bad happened last night. The place was a disaster….my favorite vase (150lbs and was a 5 foot in height) was in a million pieces…..I was so upset.

I just want to apologize in advance if entry is scattered and the spelling is poor……but my brain seems to be suffering from last night, and I am having a difficult time concentrating and putting my thoughts into words.

Well, moving extremely slow and gingerly……..I did manage get into the office……Dan came back for me later in the morning….he had an appointment with a new agent. I am sitting in the office, and I can tell you I am really hurting….I am trying to act like nothing is wrong…….but it is real hard. All I can say is I cannot wait for the day to be over…….my sugar is all over, but mostly very low….I just cannot get it up and stay there…..I am really starting to hate Snapple (mango) it is not working like it usually does…..4 bottles already today.

Dan, dropped me home which worry’s him, while he went to a home inspection ….he took the new agent to show her what an inspection entails . So I got a chance to get head a head start on dinner, I am making salmon and spaghetti squash. After dinner we will have to go for Snapple since we have none left, in the process of drinking my 5th bottle. Dan came home, we ate……dinner was very tasty if I do say so myself,…..I made lunch for the next day, cleaned up after dinner, while Dan relaxed on the couch. When I was done, I walked into the living room to find Dan completely sound a sleep…..I woke him to go to the store, but he was really tired and out of it, so I let him sleep. But of course,….an hour later I have a sugar low……I have no Snapple left in house and I hate the pure glucose….Dan gets so much anxiety over this,so I drank 3 bottles of glucose….which helped a little…still did not go up much (I guess I am not digesting anything). I decided just to go to bed, besides I was feeling so sore and in pain…..tomorrow is another day!

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