Terrible Tuesday

Yes, it is Tuesday already…….the nights go by so face and the days take forever to end. I woke this morning feeling like total crap…….I did not sleep well at all…….as a result, although I am trying to keep a positive outlook on the day…….it has not started off well. Went to the office with Dan after the repair man came to fix the oven at 8:00am.
It was busy at the office, Dan had agents in and out of his office all day. I am so proud of him, he is extremely good at what he does, and he loves his job……it truly shows. In between his meetings, we ran to the Hillsdale office to drop off checks and pick some up. I was just sick in pain…..but I kept smiling and tried to hide how I was feeling and was just waiting for the day to end. At 5:30 we had gotten a call from an old customer who wanted to see a condo and put an offer on it. So we met with them, showed the unit, wrote the offer and negotiated it….they got the place and they were very happy. Prior to the appointment I had a bad sugar low of 35, so I had to down a Snapple so I was able to hold it together for the appointment……it was 7:30 when we got done, so we had to get something to eat right away……and then go back to office to get the contracts to the attorney’s asap……since they wanted to close in less than 2 weeks….all cash offer. So Dan and I work on getting that all done for the clients. It was a long day, and apparently it was not going to end on a good note. When I got home, I proceeded to make the meals for the next day and everything went bad……according to Dan……because I do not remember a thing. I must have had another bad sugar low…….must have had problems standing and was totally out of it, while Dan fell asleep in the other room…….because he was awoken by a crashing sound. Of course he ran to see what happened and in a panic……..I had fallen and knocked down a large 150 lb 5 foot tall vase with 7 foot high sticks in it, scratching the walls and the new hardwood floors, there were pieces of the vase all over, he said I was standing there unaware of what I did,……I then tried to walk and fell hitting my head and ribs on the corner of the granite counter, and then fell again hitting my head on the floor trying to stand up. Let’s just say Dan was so upset trying to get me to just lay down so he could help me……he managed to help me gain back some consciousness (of course I was resistant – totally out of it….which made it very hard for him), he got me to the bedroom and put me to bed and then slept holding on to me all night so I didn’t get up without him. Not good at all…….I felt so bad for Dan…….I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS……I GET SO PISSED OFF !!!!!!. The next morning I saw all the damage done and had a swollen hand and ribs plus a bump on my head. Dan had it all cleaned up in a half hour and acted like nothing ever happened. I know that I am the cause of Dan’s anxiety that is really starting to suffer more and more from. Since my health has started to get worse in last few months and he had some other major events in his life he is having panic attacks and severe anxiety…..yet if you saw him with the agents or clients you would think he was his usual funny and charming self!

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