Interesting Weekend!!!!!

This weekend was very interesting…..Dan had a slight set back ( a Major Meltdown at the mall).
Saturday morning we woke early…..I felt like crap, as usual….but I got up ….made breakfast (eggs, bacon and muffins), cleaned up, worked out and got into the shower. In between getting ready I changed the sheets and towels and did two loads of laundry. Dan went to office and took down fall decorations did some paper work . By the time I finished it was time for Lunch. So Dan came home and I made lunch and we ate and got ready to go to Storage to return the Halloween costumes and get the Christmas Tree and decorations……so we can get a head start on decorating before we go to Saint Maarten. On the way back from storage, we decided to go to the mall… get Dan a suit and then go to get something to eat and see a movie. Well, we did do that, but not it that order……we decided to get something to eat first (it was already 4:30 – we had an early dinner), of course I had a sugar low… Dan ordered me an drink. After dinner, I suggested we go to the movies….to beat the big crowds of Saturday night… we went to see Gone Girl…….It was a very good movie….we both really enjoyed it. I was so glad we went to see it when we did…..the theatre was crazy when we walked out. So we then proceeded to go shopping for a suit for Dan. Dan had found some suits and went to try them on……and it was down hill from there. Dan came out of the dressing room in a panic and he was dizzy and felt like he was going to pass out….he was hot and did not look good……he was having a major dizzy spell and panic attack……we had to go outside to get air…..get him water….nothing was helping….his pills were not working fast enough. Dan was not a happy camper…..but we eventually managed to get back to car…..he was more stable and felt better and able to drive home. Dan was very upset and kept apologizing…..I told him to stop… would be better once we got home, and tomorrow was another day. We got home and Dan went right to bed…….planned on sleeping late…..the clocks were being set back.

Sunday, we slept late……Dan slept good…..I did not, worried about him all night. The plan for today was make another attempt to go shopping for a suit for Dan. So this time we ventured to the Nanuet mall……we went to Macy’s and looked all over….they did not have any in his size……but he did managed to find some great buys for our vacation… he was very happy. We came home, I made dinner, he watched the game. After dinner I cleaned up, put everything away and we were off to Shop Rite……we shopped for ourselves and for the office. By the time I put everything away it was already 10:00, shit the day went by so fast……made lunch for the next day and literally went right to bed. My head and stomach were killing me……yep, I can tell you tonight is not going to be a good night for sleep. The good thing was Dan was feeling better and he got pass his melt down and dizziness.

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