Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. Today should be an interesting day…….Dan and I are dressing to go to the office. Dan is going to be a pimp…..Vanilla Love and I am going to be is Ho, Bubbalious. Yes, Dan has the dreds, the hat with feather, purple pants, cheeta Jacket , 4 inch gold shoes, lots of bling and a grill. I have the long hair, short red fur skirt, fish net stockings, leather Biker jacket, and the ten inch dancer shoes (slut shoes with money at bass of heel – my legs are going to have the work out of a life time). We really looked good. Ellie our admin was a Hot Dog, not all the way – just with mustard. She was an adorable hot dog. I must say we have a great office…….so many of the agents got dressed, we had a Kangaroo, Hippie, Thing Three, Stevie Nicks, Minnie Mouse, Witch, and a guess appearance by Jack- Frankenstein and Vivienne- a Poodle..it was just so much fun. I must say by the end of the day…..besides my feet killing me from the dancer shoes…..my face was literally killing me from laughing so much…..so many times I thought I was going to pee in my pants. It was truly a great day of fun and laughs…..Everyone had a blast. Looking forward to next year!!!!!!!

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