Still not feeling better

Well things are still the same…..Dan is still feeling unstable and having a hard time focusing. We went to the office, despite my request for Dan to just rest and stay home. But Dan had to do what he wanted……he was still miserable and feeling sick. He went to his doctor for the follow up…..(you know he was not feeling good to go without me harping on him). After checking him out, she said his blood Pressure was high, she checked his eyes- where she said he was having problem focusing and his pupils were jumping (a name for it -do not know how to spell)…..which can be from a inner ear fluid or high blood press….etc.) He was also suffering anxiety……She said he was stressed, worn out……..especially from all the madness that we have experienced the last couple of months. She gave him a bunch of medicine and said to take till finished even if he starts to feel better and he needs to rest and relax ( Yeah, like that will ever happen…..maybe he will get it now……he is only human!!!!!). I can only hope.

I wish there was something I could do for him, he is just miserable and very irritable…….I love him to death….but a good patient he is not…..He keeps checking out all symptoms on the internet…….( the worse bit of information for someone like him…….now he has a tumor and a short time to live……yes he is a very bad patient. But he is my bad patient and I would do anything to make him feel better).

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