Weekend from hell

Sorry I have not written in a while…….Still trying to recover from the weekend from hell. I have been worried sick over Dan’s health….internally I am a nervous mess. It all started on Friday and has gotten progressively worse.

Friday – I woke up in the morning feeling sick to my stomach and very anxious…..I was a nervous about having oral surgery on my tooth…..(I hate dentist and anything to do with teeth). I got to the dentist and went in to have the procedure…..I was being put to sleep, that was the last thing I remember….the doctor looking for a good vain to put the IV in, from that point I do not remember a thing. From what I was told by Dan, everything went well and I was taking a long time waking up and was in recovery for a while, and the doctor instructed Dan to keep me awake and get something in my stomach it would help with anesthesia also since my sugar was dropping. So we left the dentist and got something to eat……Dan said I was so out of it, all over the place and could hardly keep my eyes open…looked like I was drunk or on drugs. Dan was worried I was going to fall or hurt myself. And this was where everything started to go down hill.w….after eating Dan said he did not feel good, so he got up to go to the restroom, and he felt dizzy and thought he was going to pass-out. This freaked him out…..he got me and we went to the car immediately…….He felt worse, and I was of no help, I still was out of it, had no clue there was an issue and could hardly stay awake. He wanted to get home….so he started to drive on Route 17, where he could not focus on the road, he could not drive…could not control the truck…..He immediately pulled off to a parking lot. Dan was nervous and freaked out…..He was really feeling sick….So he called 911 to get Help. The police and ambulance came…..All I remember was waking up….buckled into the front of the ambulance with some strange man driving…I asked…”What is going on, where am I, where is my Husband……I just had a tooth pulled, what is happing and where are we going”…….I was in a panic, I immediately snapped out of sleepy land and was scared shit. The ride to the Hospital seemed like forever,,,,,,I just wanted to see Dan and hold his hand and be next to him…..to make sure he was alright.

We were there for several hours, they ran test, checked his heart….and the super major event for Dan…..they gave him an IV for fluids (he was dehydrated and this was the 1st time in his 53 years of having an IV). Finally, they released him, they said he was dehydrated, suffering from fatigue and exhaustion. (do you think….the Man has been so much, loosing his father, mother, a close friend in a period 6 months, the stress of all responsibilities, the problems and shit…and the stress of me), plus his blood pressure was high. They gave told him to follow up on Monday with his physician and rest till then. We then had to call Ellie from the office (we love her to death) to come pick us up at the hospital and to take us to our truck. Whereupon, I drove to him home, but first stopped to get prescriptions filled and got Dan some homemade chicken soup., I just wanted to get home to rest. I was so worry about Dan, I never see him sick…..but he looked miserable, and he was slow moving and shakey he can hardly stand or walk without holding on. He went right to bed and went to sleep. I was so nervous….checking on him every 15 minutes to see if he was breathing and if he needed anything. He sleep thru the night…..I on the other got no sleep worrying and checking on him. I was like a watch dog on protecting his home and master.

Saturday – I Woke feeling like shit….my stomach was killing me…..must of had a sugar low (hair was all damp and little curls)and tired from lack of sleep, besides my usual stomach pains. Made Dan breakfast, he was still feeling sick and dizzy so he went right back to bed. He spent the rest of the day there, resting. In the mean time I cleaned the house, did laundry, cooked and did my normal weekend chores. Before I knew it …..It was time for dinner, so I whipped something together quickly and cleaned up. I checked on Dan for the rest of the evening….I laided in bed with Dan and watched TV with him till he fell asleep. I was so tired, but was afraid to go to sleep.

Sunday- I must of fell asleep for a little bit, because I was awaken by the sun rays shining thru the windows…..It was a beautiful fall morning…..a great day for the Jet game (Dan gave the Tickets to Jenny and her friend, since he was still feeling unstable to go….He kept apologizing to Me…..I didn’t care I just wanted him to feel better, I am so worried about him). After breakfast Dan said he wanted to try to get out…..so we needed to get food, the refrigerator was bare)…..and we needed to finish getting gifts for the twins birthday later in the day. Well, we went food shopping…..at least attempted …..that turned out to be a nightmare. We got into the store, walked to the of the store back by produce and then it happen……Dan got dizzy and he began to panic…He was calling me, with this frantic look on his face, scared the shit out of me……he said he had to leave the store and sit in the truck, he felt like he was going to drop….I wanted to walk out with him, but he insisted that I finish up, he would be okay once he got to the car. Of course I watched him walk to the truck and get inside. So I like a mad women, I raced to finished food shopping, (I probably ran down a lot of people with my cart), checked out, packed the truck up and got Dan home. He went to lay down and I put all the groceries away. I said to Dan we should skip the party, but he said no ,,,,,so he rested for awhile and we headed to my sister Kathleen’s house for the party. It was great to see everyone…..the twins were so excited to open their gifts and have everyone there for them. We had a nice dinner and birthday cake……Dan was able to stay to the end (he was a real sport)…..He was quite and did not move a lot….which helped him get thru the night. I really enjoyed being with everyone…..my nieces and nephew are so cute…..I love them to death and they always make me smile and happy inside. We left the party and went home…..I was so thankful Dan went and gave me the opportunity to go….I think it also helped him too……it gave him something else to think about. He was wiped and went straight to bed. I just hope he feels better soon…..I know it is frustrating for him to feel sick and not in control, especially because he is never sick……and for him to have an IV…….holy shit you know he is not feeling well. I got things ready for going into the office in the morning and crawled into bed carefully, not to wake him……but he was out cold the minute his head the pillow. He said he is going to work Monday like normal. Don’t know how since he can walk to well,drive, and can’t focus on computer or phone eyes blurry. He is determined to. Our yearly vacation (5 weeks away)can’t come soon enough for him. Doctor said that rest will serve him well.

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