Beautiful fall day!!!!!

Woke this morning with a smile on my face. When I opened my eyes, the view from my bed was so pretty, the color of reds, oranges, yellows of the trees turning on a blue background of the sky highlighted by golden rays the morning sun……you cold feel the crispiness and chill in the air. A beautiful fall morning…..I just love this time of the year. Even though I felt my shitty self, I proceeded to do my normal morning routine…..with a big smile and in a happy mood.

Went to the office with Dan, after having lunch I went for a mani/pedi……..god knows I was in desperate need of one…..4 weeks over due. It was 2 hours of me time, which I enjoyed and needed. Last night I colored my hair….so now I feel like a new women…….now if I could loose 15 lbs (without surgery….maybe a little, sewing my mouth shut would be the answer) I would look half way presentable. The good thing is the cold weather is coming…..layers of clothes……can not see the fat or alt least you can hide it. Yes, send those layers my way….I need all the help I can get. It is so sad, I just have to look at or smell food and my hips grow…….forget actually tasting the food….it seems to magnify by ten and goes to all the wrong places!!!!! IT IS JUST WRONG!

Speaking about food……..what to make my husband for dinner…….I think he is going to have steak and broccoli, I will have chicken and kale. Then I make Dan’s lunch for tomorrow……I do not to worry about me, since I will not be eating at all. Tomorrow is going to be a bad day, I am not looking forward to tomorrow at all……I am having oral surgery to have a the remains of a root canal removed. I am going to be put out, ( I hate teeth and Dentist), dreading the pain afterwards…..anything to do with teeth is a major disaster for me. I am not planning on going into the office tomorrow…….what is a little more added pain.

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