Monday blues

I woke this morning feeling like I never slept…..I think I am catching Dan’s cold….I have a terrible cough, every time I cough my chest hurts and my head feels like it is going to fall off. Besides my normal aliments, I feel like shit…..I can not wait for the day to end and it just got started. But I still got ready and went into the office. The only good thing it was quite at the office…..most the agents were at CE training class….(which I already did on line). I cannot wait to go home, change my clothes, into something comfy……make dinner…..something quick and fast…..(chicken and broccoli for me, steak and broccoli for Dan)…..I really should go food shopping tonite… but I am choosing not too!!!!!
I think, Dan will agree, it would be the best interest for all involved that tomorrow is another day…….and we can get food tomorrow……we will not starve……besides I could use to loose some weight……..not much time before St. Marrten.

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