Give me a break!!!!

I have had it and I am at my wits end. I keep saying to myself, when is all this shit going to end. I am trying to be positive and not let the little bumps in life take over. Yes the cards I have been dealt have not been good, but I move forward and keep thinking it could be a lot worse. I am grateful for my husband, family and friends that have been by my side. But the shit never stops……Yesterday I am sitting the office, I rubbed my tongue across my teeth and my tooth breaks off at the gum line…..I just spent $1500 on a root canal on this tooth a few months ago……I freaked out. I am so upset, it is the front side….I am so beside myself. So now I am afraid to eat anything and afraid of the tooth causing pain and getting infected. I went to the dentist first thing this morning….the result, nothing they can do at the time….the tooth (what is remaining in the gum has to be surgically removed…..exactly what I feared.) So there goes $1500 down the drain and another $500-$700 more to be spent. This really, really sucks. So now I have a broken tooth, my stomach is killing me so bad, my heart is hurting from sugars ups/downs and the lost of a good friend Jack.

I am also very worried about Dan’s well being, with all the shit going on…..handling his parents estate, the lost of both his parents in a six month period, the lost of Dear friend Jack, the renovation of the Tom River house, the insurance claims and paper work, and his normal daily activities and problems at the office. He amazes me, he is always so calm and always has a smile on his face…..never showing his internal stress or pain. Plus he has a terrible cold. I just worry about him…….He is only human and there is only so much one can take.

Today is a busy day,….we have a lot of running around to do…..get my winter clothes out of storage, drop off jump-drive with music for Jack’s memorial at the funeral home, get paperwork for the estate out, office errands.

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