A great Anniversay weekend

This was a tough and bitter sweet weekend. It was hard for Dan and I, our hearts were heavy with the lost of our dear friend. Jack was a tremendous influence in Dan’s life and mine, Pat and Jack were a special couple together and dear friends……always together like Dan and I. We traveled so much together and had great times……But most of all Jack was an inspiration to me….he always pushed me to keep living….we were sickness buddies, we pushed each other to get thru our sicknesses and operations. I will miss him terribly…..I know he is in a better place and he has no more pain…..but it sucks for those left behind that loved him so much……especially for Pat.

Pat had asked Dan to speak at his memorial service……so Dan was thinking about what he wanted to say. He wants to capture the great qualities that Jack held and how he touched everyone he met. It was a very emotionally mixed weekend.

We just stayed by ourselves and tried to relax. Sunday, we went to the River Palm for a quiet and romantic anniversary dinner…….Dan and I both had the crusted tuna , oysters and split a chocolate lava cake for dessert……………It was a perfect 13 year anniversary……I look forward to growing old and gray with my best friend, my rock. Thank you Dan for loving me and always making every minute of my life exciting.

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