Please someone shoot me!

I just want someone to shoot me. I can not take it anymore…….for the last couple of weeks my stomach has been killing me, a lot more than normal……now all I want to do is toss my cookies. I just cannot take it anymore, I feel this way whether I have eaten or not….something is not right. My sugars are all over…..simply, I am big mess. It is getting harder to cover up how I feel, I do not complain, but internally I feel like shit and just want to jump out of my skin. Sorry, I just need to vent…….I know things could be worse,…..but it does not make it easier or any better.

Getting ready to come to the office with Dan was tough this morning…….I thought I was going to have to stay home……but I pushed myself and managed to be ready on time. Dan was able to get cake for the agent’s birthday….and was there with enough time to prepare for his office meeting. He had a greet meeting and a excellent turn out (as he always does).

The rest of the day, I am doing follow up work for Dan on our clients files………the day can not end soon enough……I just want to cry……I feel like tossing my cookies and just want to go to bed. I hope I can hold out till 5:00.

While making a list of the things I need to get done within the next couple days…..a terrible thought came to mind……Oh No!!!!!!
It is that time of year, the changing of the Buckets….summer to fall clothes…..I hate this task. I guess I know where I will be going this weekend….S T O R A G E.!!!!!!!!

Tonight, after dinner we have to go food shopping……yes, fun, fun, fun.

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