Very busy, But great weekend!!!!!

This weekend was crazy busy.
Saturday I woke up early, did not sleep well at all, tossed and turn all night…….my stomach was killing me (nothing new). I made a nice breakfast for Dan, cleaned up and got ready for our journey to South Jersey. I was Dan’s helper…..I helped with changing the electrical and lighting fixtures on the outside of house…..yes, everything worked, which was a plus. I help weed the outside landscaping…..which is a major thing…I don’t do weeds or anything close to bugs. We then proceeded to pull up the green/grassy flooring on the 3 season porch, cleaned it all up and took measurements to get new flooring. Dan and I then went to Home Depot to purchase the flooring and tools needed to put it down…….Yes, I was free labor…..I loaded the truck (I got a good work out…those boxes were heavy). When we got back to the house, Sal and his son Tony came by to go over the details of the wood flooring, cabinetry, etc that will be installed and the job taking place in the next couple of weeks. Tony had his sons with him…..they got so big….I felt so old. Sal stayed, to talk and catch up with Dan…..(they had not seen each other in awhile – Sal decided to help Dan lay the flooring)… was like old times when they use to flip houses together. I was the person who brought the boxes in from the garage and cleaned up the mess…..also I was the weight for the seams….Starting to get a complex…..(I guess my fat is is useful for something). The task was completed in two ours and looked great……such an improvement over the Astro turf shit……God I hated it….So did Dan. Yes his mother was turning in her grave. It was late, I did not eat anything, so of course my sugar fell to a 30….I drank a bottle of glucose and we quickly ran to follow up with solid food. We went to this buffet place….Dan wanted Chinese,(which is bad for me) so it was a good compromise. We were so tired and soar….a very long day……we had a nice dinner ( I had a frog legs for ,the first time…so good…they taste like chicken….I am glad I tried them). Our stomachs were full…mine was now really killing me….but we were ready for the ride home – which took forever, by time we got home it was time for bed. It was a successful day of getting things done on a crappy/rainy day.

Sunday, woke up to a beautiful day ….a nice fall day. Dan and I decided to go into the city for the San Gennaro feast and to walk around in China town. It was so crowded, everyone was out due too the beautiful weather……a great people watching day. We decided to first walk around China town…..we found this vendor selling this weird fruit…..look like a huge pine cone and very heavy….It is called Durian (Kings foot – from Thailand). The vendor cut it up for us and told us how to eat it (he stressed you cannot eat the seeds) and we should eat it cold(which it was already)….it looked like custard……so we found this little park like area and popped a swat and proceed to try this unusual fruit. It was very good…..interesting and quite tasty. Dan and I laughed so much …… we had a little picnic… the middle of China town….we people watched and fed the pigeons…just enjoyed the surroundings and being outside, it was nice……It was so weird we walked a couple of blocks and we were now in another world. We were in Little Italy..(only in New York City)..It smelt so good the Zeppoli’s,….grilled sausge and peppers, fried oreos, wine and beer, Italian ices, homemade gelatos, pastas, mussels, etc…..( you could gain 10lbs on the smells alone)…..but Dan and I were good we had a nice dinner outside and just watch all the people, we laughed a lot……the people were very entertaining. Okay, I confess we did have a gelato, it was dessert….but we walked it off, it was the energy we needed to walk back to the car… was a workout getting thru the crowds. By the time we got home it was late and we were exhausted…….and of course I was paying the price for dessert……I was miserable in pain and could not get to bed fast enough. It was a great weekend with my soul mate and best friend, I am so lucky to have Dan in my life…….even when I am in pain, he makes ever minute of life so special and worth living………………Thank you baby…..I love you so much!!!!!

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