Another beautiful Friday

I woke this morning feeling like shit… stomach was killing me and every muscle in body hurt….I felt like I got hit by a truck. But besides that, it is Friday and beautiful out…bright blue skies, sunny and cool. Just Nice.

Did my usual, made Dan breakfast, cleaned up, ironed my clothes….and I attempted to work out but I could not…..when I tried doing my crunches on the ball…..I almost tossed my cookies (not good), so I plan on working out later in the day. Got ready and went to the office with Dan. My stomach is not getting better……the pain seems to be getting worse, which now is making my head hurt…..all I keep thinking is…. “Really, can someone just give me a break.”

I took care of some clerical work on some files and made some calls. I then decided to go get a mani/pedi since the pain in my stomach lessen a little, so I took advantage of the situation and tried to make the bad a positive. But a comment was made to me, which I did not know if they were trying to give me a compliment or not. The woman who did my nails went to give me a message….while she was giving the message (which by the way felt so good), she makes this weird movement and says “Oh, Kristine……I feel your bones and ribs……you need to eat.” Damn…..what ever happened to be polite/politically correct…..If you do not have something nice or good say, do not say anything at all. Anyway, I felt at least I did something productive which was nice.

Went to show a Townhouse unit with Dan, to a past client….which was nice … out of the office and enjoy the beautiful weather. Still feeling crappy, my sugars are all over, up and down…..which is not helping. I cannot wait to go home, and start the weekend, it is going to be crazy busy…….will be South Jersey bound again at some point.

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