Not again!!!!

I woke this morning…..feeling worse than yesterday morning……I can not describe my stomach pains… is causing my head to hurt and I feel like I am going to toss my cookies if I open my mouth to talk. I thought it would pass as the morning went on…..made Dan his breakfast, cleaned up and made the bed……I just feel worse, I can not go into the office…..I am so mad, I hate giving in, I just cannot do it. So Dan left for work and I laid down on the couch for about an hour. After an hour I decided enough is enough….it is beautiful out….I am not going to stay inside and miss out on the beautiful weather. I will clean the house (do something constructive with time home and reward myself with an 1-2 hours by the pool as a reward)…..thinking positive.
I managed to clean the whole house, I am a happy camper, I just love a clean house….smells so fresh and all the dust bunnies are gone. Moving slowly, I put my bathing suit on (really should not be wearing a two piece….but who cares) and went to the pool. Ran into a neighbor there…..caught up with her and just laid by the pool, soaking up the sun, while grunting the stomach pains. It was so hot, I kept going into the pool to cool off which was actually refreshing. I think I feel asleep for a bit, until awaken by some splashing and screaming rug rats. I went home, showered, and decided to get a mani/pedi to fix the damage I did while cleaning earlier. After getting my nails done I came home and made a nice fish dinner. I could barely eat it……I literally forced it down… stomach was still killing me. Cleaned up the dishes and made lunch for the next day…..I am done for the evening…..planted my big ass on the couch and became a couch potatoe for the rest of the evening. I hope tomorrow will be better.

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