Finally, some fun!!!!!

Yes…..despite all the craziness the last few weeks, Dan and I were actually able to have some fun. Friday evening we went to the Jet/Giant game, whereupon we met up with one of our agents in the office and her husband….we tailgated with them. Dan and I had such a good time….good food, drinks, conversation and company, and lots of laughs….the weather held out too which was great. I had a blast…..I almost felt normal… was good to see Dan happy and laughing, god knows he needed it after the last couple of weeks. It was a good game, unfortunately the Jets lost…..but it was still a great time…….Looking forward to going to future games with my buddy and best friend. We got home after the game and watched some TV in bed and then we were out cold……Dan slept like a rock … on the other hand was up all night with an upset stomach.
Saturday morning we slept a little later than normal which was very nice. Made a nice breakfast and got ready to drive back down to Dan’s moms house….the traffic was not bad going down….I guess the cloudiness helped.
The house was a mess… floors, lots of fans blowing everywhere……not looking forward to the renovation process that is ahead…..I just hate going there. Dan did what he needed to do and we headed back north….no traffic which was great. I decided to surprise my sister Erika and take her out for dinner for her Birthday…..I felt terrible I missed her party with everyone. We had a nice bottle of wine, Italian dinner, dessert and conversation, it was great to see her and catch up.
Sunday we woke up to a beautiful, sunny day……absolutely great. I did my normal Sunday routine…..changing sheets, towels, cleaning and then got things packed to spend the rest of the day by the pool. It was quite by the pool which was nice…..Dan and I just laid out soaked in the rays…..we relaxed….it was great!!!!! Until Dan’s phone died and we had to go and get it fixed….so we killed three birds with one stone…..Got car washed, went to Ramsey Market for fruits and Vegatables, and got the phone fixed. Came home and made a nice summer dinner which we ate out on the deck……..A perfect end to a great and relaxing weekend.

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