What day is it???

I cannot begin to tell you what the last couple of days have been like……yes I can in two words “LIVING HELL”…..It has been absolutely brutal in every aspect, physically and mentally. I cannot even tell you what day it is,,,,,Everything is a big blur. Dan and I are so exhausted…..we are constantly running down to Toms River, taking care of his mother’s estate, probating the will, maintaining and cleaning out the house……It literally sucks…..I swear his mother has put a curse on us…..I should say Me, especially. (So far I have fallen badly and scraped my knees and hands going into the courthouse to probate the will). I have had real bad sugar lows….leaving me not knowing where I am and loosing hours of time during the day…..(which is a whole another can of worms….won’t go into detail…..but left me in a real bad situation)…..and almost giving Dan a heart attack……let’s say, I am just very lucky….it could have been real bad.

The latest thing was the last trip down to South Jersey…..just going to take pictures of furniture Dan was going to sell……we walk into his Mom’s house to find the whole house (ranch……all the carpets flooded in water and water running out of back of refrigerator causing the walls, floor and cabinets to be a sloggy mess). We had to get Service Pro to come, on an emergency evaluation to look over the damage…….needless to say…..another late night – did not get home till 12:30 pm……..just a nightmare. Of course by time I put everything away and got ready for bed it was 1:30……finally falling asleep around 2:00 getting up at 6:00 to start all over again. I think Dan is beginning to think his mother has put a curse on us…..nothing seems to go right or easy. And forget trying to relax……it is impossible.

Looking for to tomorrow – Friday, going to the Giant-Jet pre-season game….with an agent from our office and her husband….we are going to Tailgate before the game. Dan and I are so looking forward to having a good time with great people and good food and drinks……and a great game…….so excited!!!!! I get to wear my new jersey Dan got me. Hope the weather is good…….but then again ……after a few drinks ……who will notice the rain. Dan and I just need to have fun, be with good company…..just be normal, something that seems to be a differcult task to achieve.

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