Thank god it is Friday

Although it has been a short week in the office…..I am so grateful it is Friday. Woke up this morning feeling like I did not sleep in days (which I haven’t…having a hard time getting any sleep, getting up 2-3 times,,,with terrible stomach pains. I cannot wait to get back to my normal schedule of eating and exercising.
Have a lot to do around the house this weekend, the normal routine and the cleaning of the house is a must…..being away by Dan’s mom… house has been neglected…lots of dust bunnies, which are driving me crazy, have to food shop….refrigerator is empty and I have a mountain of laundry.
Hope fully there will be time to go to the pool and soak up some sun and just relax….and spend quite time with Dan……we need us time after a very stressful couple of weeks.

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