Sadly, the end has come

August 10th, at between 4-6 am…….Dan’s mom passed. It is sad, but now she is at peace. It has been a very long and painful time for Dan……it kills me that he had to experience all the pain, hurt and stress by his mother’s actions and the people who were being paid to look out for her in her …….at least he was able to spend time with her. He was a good son to her, even though she hurt him terribly at times……He did not deserve to be treated in that fashion…..yes, we must move forward……but I had a hard time forgiving her for the pain she caused her son. It makes me sick to my stomach……but because I love Dan so much……I do not want to cause any problems/or bad feelings…..It is his mother. He is an amazing man, and has such a good heart…..despite her horrible actions and years of abuse to him growing up.
The last week has been so stressful. We have spent the last 10 days down the shore going to and from the hospital, being by his mother’s bedside…..arranging for her hospice care and 24/7 live in nurse aid. He had to change the locks on her house because she was afraid who had keys and was coming in to take her things, then landscaping of the grounds of his mom’s house because she asked him to make it all nice before she passes. she told him to clean out all of her personal thing in the house before she passed so other people would not go thru them so we spent hours doing so …etc., he made sure his mom’s wishes were kept till the end.

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