Need More Then 24 Hours Today

The last couple of nights and days have been rough for me……I can not remember the last time I had a good night sleep, without tossing, getting up, sugar lows, sweats, or even remember going to bed. I am hoping that the heat stops, and it cools down, and then I might feel better….just have been feeling really weird, different than ususal. I just can’t put my finger on it, I am hoping it is this bad heat and it goes away (back to the normal shitty feeling…this is scaring me…I don’t want to tell Dan, because he really start to worry more….I just don’t feel myself….thoughts are scattered, depressed and ache more than normal..). Dan knows something is up….decided to take this week off from visiting parents to give me a break (just wish I felt good to enjoy it – but it did help). Did alot of catching up – have alot of errands to run and matters to take care of in the next couple of days. Maybe if nice we can go for a dip in pool…..have not been there in about 2 weeks…..,just busy, busy, running around….also Dan go not go swimming and in sun because of Tattoo….He out of the danger zone now…..It looks great….He designed my next one….He is so talented….I love it,,,,,,can’t wait to go.
Just want to get a good nite sleep….no surprises….I am feeling weird again…Hot then cold…I gotta go….I think my sugar is getting off…Having a hard time putting thoughts and words together…(that was a good 10 min. try…this stinks…who knows maybe it isn’t happening, better go check…don’t want Dan to know)….nite!!!

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