Follow up at doctor

Had to wake up very early this morning to go into the city for a follow-up appointment with my doctor to review the results of the test he did……hopefully we do not hit to much traffic because that would be a total nightmare.
Well we got into the city without any problems….matter of fact we got in, found parking and had time to spare……allowing us to go a café we always wanted to try for breakfast. Walked over to the doctors office, there were two people before us….not bad, waited about half an hour to see him….so far things are going good. Inside, I am trying to think positive thoughts.
Finally, Dan and I are sitting across from the doctor, the moment of truth, he shakes his head and I knew it was not going to be good. He starts off with “Your sugar levels are off the charts the are all over the place, complete mess”. “Your body is highly stressed mentally and physically meaning my brain from the brain bleeds to due seizures and physically – your internal organs are working on overload from the pain and missing organs taxing the remaining ones and compensating for missing parts”. “We need to make sure when you have these extreme highs and lows you get stable quickly…..because this will cause more debilitating problems…..stroke, lose of mobility, speech, comma, etc”. We think your missing digestive system is what’s making everything worse lately” “I do not know what to say….you have been dealing with is for 10-11 years, you on bonus time and Dan has done an excellent job keeping you alive ……you are rare – not many like you in world the only one I ever treated………..keep doing what you are doing” “Come back every 4 weeks so I can chart what’s happening with you.” So after all the tests its the usual it is what it is nothing anyone can do. The charting of what’s happening to me over the years is for medical records since I’m a rare case. So every minute of every day is like a time bomb inside me, the next low or high could be my last if I’m lucky or worse then that it could be the one to make me lose speech or the ability to walk or use hands. So the positive I take out of this is like always, try not to sweat the small stuff, live each day like last, even though people mean well telling you “it will be ok”, it won’t but let them say it to make themselves feel good and live in denial. 🙂

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