A Dan Day!

Very excited for Dan, he got his tattoo that he wanted and the words he lives by,…..It came out real nice “It is not the cards you’re dealt in life, it’s how you play them” (I feel special – because it has meaning to us, and the life experiences we share – Dan is a good man.) I am not feeling well at all…I have been pushing myself the last couple of days / have not said much to Dan…my head and stomach have been a consistant 9.5 in pain that just will lighten up/ making me very irritable (sugar high) which my doctor has order to change the dosage and strategy….Just want to go to bed and wake up for it to be Thursday. Going for a walk with Dan, already made my meals for tomorrow….On that note, Looking forward to Thursday morning and getting a new start……Hopefully I will feel a tiny bit better….any bit.

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