Back To The Drawing Board

Did not sleep good…..felt sick to my stomach.
Woke feeling real crappy. The good news is it is beautiful out, and very warm. Today I start a new game plan from the specialist, not that is going to make a difference, but I am trying to be positive and I will try anything to preserve my mind and not have so many seizures. Even if it means checking my sugar more during the day and going back on the insulin pod….(not I have the pod on my arm, I have to change it every three days – good thing it gives my arms a break from the injections….now it goes thru a port/site)….This will be a trial for a week or so…..Keeping my hopes high. Worked out and it felt good (the only thing I seem to have control of). Have lots of errands to run with Dan and then a bunch of houses to show with Dan tonite….early dinner…then rush,rush. Hopefully no surprises inbetween.

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