Great weekend

This weekend just seemed like it flew by…….the weather was absolutely beautiful…not to hot and lots of sunshine….just perfect. Saturday- Dan and I took a ride into Nyack, NY and had a beautiful lunch in Piermont on the water and walked around. Then I went and got a mani/pedi while Dan ran to the office. I made a nice fish dinner and then we went into Ridgewood to see the movie THE JERSEY BOYS…..the threatre was packed…not an empty seat. It was a great movie….learned things about Frankie Valle I never new. Sunday – got up early and did my usual weekend chores…..exercised and sat on the back deck for an hour soaking in the sun…..while Dan went to do an Open House in Woodcliff Lake. I then got ready (made a big salad) to brig down to Erika’s house for the Bella’s Graduation Celebration. I was neverous and excited at the same time…..I was driving there by myself and Dan was going to meet after the open house……yes, I got some freedom. I had to keep m sugar high to get there… of course by the time I arrived my sugar was so high……550, I was a stroke waiting to happen, I felt like shit….head, stomach and heart hurt so bad. But as usual I put my happy face and pants on, never let on the pain I was in. I enjoyed the time with my family, the twins – Olivia and Marcos; Maya and Bella, my sister’s Erika and Kathleen, Marcos and Dan. It was fun…..ate good food, watch the soccer game, played with kids….Had dessert/graduation cake on the deck…….It was a perfect time……just wished that I felt better. *****A big break thru, which made me feel so happy……Marcos, when he saw me came over on his own and out of the blue, he said…..”aunt Krissy I love you so much and gave me a big kiss and hug”……God, I melted like butter…..he made my day. After a long day of family, I went home and prepared my meals for Monday……..I was asleep like a rock, before my head even touched the pillow. JUST A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!

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