Its Been A While

Sorry I haven’t written in such a while but only my writing has stopped in this time period not my life. I keep getting messages on this site to see if I’m ok, but they really are asking am I still here and alive. So I promise to start writing again. Here is a quick update of what’s going on in my world.
1. My health? Well that’s has been at best stable at times and after recent tests on a decline with other issues. My liver has to work extra hard since I do not have a pancreas and it is not happy 🙁 My abdomen pain, memory loss, chest pains and seizures alone with lose of feeling in my fingers couples with my increasing lose of freedom is wearing on me. Don’t know how much longer my mind and body can endure.
2. Dan? Well his dad past away in November, he worries about me and now his mom alone in her house, but she won’t move, so we drive each week to Toms River to take care of her. I hate to see Dan work so hard at her house to only get abused by her ungrateful ways but he smiles and says she’s almost 90, its ok. He could spend 5 hours doing yard work for her or cleaning her house top to bottom to only hear from her that she thought he could have gotten other things done on her list. Anyone who knows Dan knows he always has a smile but I know inside he is not always smiling. This life with me drains him. He gets very little sleep checking on me and helping thru the night. His second love (He says second I think first!) is his work. He puts so much into his office and the agents making sure everything is the best it can be, you just wouldn’t believe. The office is growing and getting larger and doing so much better each month. He has that office #1 in Saddle River and doing more and more business and the company is continuously growing in amount of offices and agents.
3. Lauren & Jenny? Lauren is still living in New Orleans area with Joe (who we love!) and Mason (their dog)…. andnworking at a company she absolutely loves as they do her. Jenny graduated from Pace last year! and is working in Tarrytown NY …….but is looking to go in the Pharmaceutical field maybe. Dan and I are so proud of both of them.
4.My Parents? They came in January to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary Dan plan a big dinner for the family at Varka for them…it was a great time but to short of stay. My mom had knee surgery and is doing well with her recovery and Dad is still cancer free. Thank god everything is good with them…..It is just so hard for me……I miss them terribly, wish they lived closer.
5.My Sisters? Erika, Maya and Bella are all good…..Maya is in her 1st year of High School…Bella graduates from 8th grade……and Erika has completed all her schooling and has got her license to practice.
Kathleen, Marcos, Olivia and Marcos are doing well….twins are in pre school going on 4……and are adorable. They love their Uncle Dan so much….and forget about their Aunt Krissy when they can play with him instead.

Well I promise to start writing again and thanks for all the emails asking me what’s up!

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