Happy July 4th!

Another beautiful day……got up early to get ready for the big pool day. Dan and I were bringing the Margarita’s, big gatorade cooler of them, Dan made them from Scratch….so good and very strong….wiped out most of the people sitting by us…people were passed out by 12:30…Lots of sun, fun and friends….a great group of people. Marcos and Kathleen came up later in the afternoon and hung by the pool…..she looks great, a very happy pregnant mommy and proud daddy to be. After finally getting over feeling big, she enjoyed going in the pool….also because it was so hot. We left the pool and got a bite to eat..came home and we are ready for bed. It was a great day, despite feeling like crap, I managed to have a good time, it was nice to have friends, family and Dan around….and the margaritas helped me forget the pain. I have a funny (I know for a fact) feeling I will pay for it….but what the hell – You only live once.

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