Happy Hump and Administrative day

Woke today to Sun and a slight chill……but suppose to get warmer, into the 70″s,…..This makes me a happy camper. Now if I got rid of this terrible head and belly ache I would be even happier…..I know this is being very wishful. Made Dan his breakfast which consisted of 2 eggs and bacon….so he was very happy. He went off to work and I continued to clean-up and get my work-out in, showered and waited for Dan to pick me up. Today is secretary day…or correction…administrative day; so Dan is taking Ellie to Lunch, we are going to Mezza Luna in Allendale, her favorite favorite place.

We went to Mezza Luna for Lunch…..it was very busy. We had a great time….she was so happy. Ellie is agreat person, a good friend…..and a tremendous help in making the transition to Sothesby’s so smooth. After lunch we went for dessert at Dairy Queen…….I will need to starve myself for the next three days…….I am so full…feeling very fat right now…..Thank god for pilates class tomorrow. Dinner is going to be very light for me….if any.

Dan has a big environmental meeting tonite so I am on my own. I am going to color my hair…..workout (double workout to burn off what I ate)….make the meals for tomorrow…clean up after making dinner for Dan (not in this order)….and hopefully have time to sit and watch American Idol and relax like a normal individual…..yeah right, that is wishful thinking.

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