Stop the Maddness

I had to get up early…..Dan had a breakfast/Meeting with Corey Booker and other Political figures (took Michael Oppler as his guess) to Serafina in Wyckoff. While he was gone I got a head start on my weekend chores, did 3 loads odf laundry and put them away….worked out and showered and got ready… when Dan came home from his event I would be ready to roll. Made lunch for us, cleaned up and put the remaining buckets of clothes in the truck to be brought back to storage. Ran some errands with Dan, we came back and had an early dinner. I cleaned up and we were off to the movies……at the Palisades Mall. We saw BEHIND THE PINE SOMETHING….Bradley Cooper and Ray Lotta were in it …..It was a very good movie….not what you would expect……thought it very good.
Came home watch some TV, cuddled in bed with my best friend…..And yes, I lost the bet, because of course I fell asleep with the TV on……..was so tired.

I got up Sunday morning and made breakfast, cleaned up, worked out and completed my chores by 10:30…..I was on roll. Dan and I went shopping to get his Mom a gift for her 88th Birthday….made her a cake……Managed to squeeze in a hair cut (a trim)…..make the meals for Monday’s journey south to his parent’s house…..and by the time got done it was time to make dinner, clean up and get ready for bed…….All this running, feeling as sick as a dog….My life is pretty pathetic……Yes, I am a glorified maid and cook, who does not get paid or given any value….I sometimes hate my life…….god forbid I say anything, but what is expected……I love my life!!!!!

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