Maya’s Confirmation Day

It is Friday, and a start to a very busy weekend. Today, my niece Maya makes her confirmation…..a big day for her, she is a beautiful young lady, so pretty and sweet……she has become a amazing young lady. I have a lot to do before tonites big event. Of course I did my usual morning routine before Dan picked me up to go into the office……whereupon we carvaned houses on tour. We left the office early so we did not hit traffic on the way to my sister’s house and the church ceremonies.

We got to my sister Erika’s for pre-church appetizers and refreshments… She had the place all set up and beautifully decorated…Erika, Maya and Bella were all dressed up….they looked so pretty. Maya was so sweet and cute……she was so proud that she was taking my name, as her confirmation name. Tracey and Domenico, Esther (Maya’s sponsor) were all there……Maya was so nervous. We all met at the church……took pictures after the ceremony with everyone…..and headed back to the house for Dinner…..It was nice, everyone was there even Kathleen showed up with Marcos and Olivia. We all went back to the house for a nice dinner and cake……Erika did a great job and everyone had a great time……It was great time and it was so pleasure to see the cousins together….it was like they were always in touch….no time lapse.
It got late, so we left and came home and I literally fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

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