Happy Hump Day

Wow, I cannot believe it is Wednesday already…..the days seem to be flying.

Woke to feeling my shitty self……..but the good thing is, it is Sunny and warm out…..This helps my mood some what. I got a work-out in, before getting ready to go to the office.

Dan came to pick me up……he surprised me (always trying to make me happy) he drove by two local nail salons……so I could get their cards and pricing. This made me happy….so now when he drops me off to get my nails done; he does not need to wait….He can go back to the office and work while he waits for me to get done. Which makes me happy…..I do not feel so guilty.

I made an appointment for mani/pedi……..I think I have a new home…..was very happy with the results. I have new place.
Dan finished up at the office and then we went home……made dinner, cleaned up, and once again made the meals for the next day……my usual routine. I watched American Idol with Dan…….I hope Amber and Candice keep going to the finals…….Such talented girls.

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