Terrible Tuesday / Dan’s 1st Office Meeting

It is absolutely a terrible day and nothing good to say…….I feel like shit, I have a real slamming headache and a whopping belly ache. I am taking my advise…..”If you do not have something good to say…..do not say anything at all.” So this will be a short entry!!!

Today was Dan’s first office meeting in the new office……He had bagels and fruit and a birthday cake for Linda in the office. Dan had a great turn out of agents, he ran a great meeting very informative (Would not expect anything else of him). I was so proud of him……Then, I went with Dan on caravan to see some houses and then came back to the office……I was dying and just wanted to go home.

Dan felt bad for me, so He decided to take me for dinner……Greek food, it was a nice surprise……We both had Greek salads with grilled chicken…very good. Came home and made lunch for next day…..tried to stay awake to watch some TV….but was not successful…went to bed early…..was asleep in a matter of minutes.

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